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he hasnt made a post for patrons in over a year. And his last post said demo 2 isnt coming said he would release MGI Prolouge and has been ghost ever since and as far as i know his Patrons have not even seen this "prolouge"

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you know he released a patron build like, 5 days ago right?


I seems Redamz doesn't care about anyone who's not one of his Patrons 

[For us non-patrons]

Demo 1:
(At this point it's really dated, a new one is coming soon)

 [It's this same demo... from 2015... 3+ years is "soon"?!]

For Patrons:
Kitsune twins animations (dated)
Arachne scene
Shark girl sceneNekomata animations
"Day 1" build
Halloween build
"Day 2" build
Mako second scene
Elf scene
Slime scene 2.0
Secret build
"Day 3" build
Yuki Onna scene

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But. i can't find any info about new demo/build for non-patrons, or when does game release (i know it will take many time), but no info how game development going. And this demo is 3 years gone, and i see only this demo. I just want to know how much is left to wait (sry i have bad english)


I don't know about a new demo other than it will likely be a long time before non-patrons see it. If you want news on the game it looks like you need to be a patron. 

I can pay once, but i cant pay every month, so i decided to buy game, then it release, but i want some news

If you look around you might find the patreon builds for free elsewhere. 

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I want some information, when does game release will, or new build? i want to know any of it, please

how do you play it

Pls make it so thar jou can also play this on android, cuz i want to play it but i cant cuz it isnt on andriod :

you think that's easy?


that game is stupi

Just came across this and played the demo. I'm wondering; Is the game still in development? From what was available it's an amazing demo and I want more!

It is still in development and if you go to the patreon page, you can get updates the minute they are finished.  

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if i may ask, what's in the patreon pack? like, is it all the day builds or what?

I guess what I’m trying to ask is how outdated is the paid version here

Linux Version not working at all only windows in wine works

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For the linux version, cd into the unzipped game directory, then type "chmod +x (name of version you want to run then type ./(name of version you want to run) Works a charm. This will do it for both files

"chmod +x MGI*


how do I get the update version i i can only get the demo were it ends after the slime girl im wondering if its free to get it or do i have to pay for it??

You'll just need to wait.  the full game is the demo at this point.  it is still in early alpha with most of it still unfinished.  

Can you take the last demo version and add the additional scenes into ONE directory structure and run it all seamlessly?

Deleted post

Hey are you still looking for voice actors?

am i mssing something here? why is there only path to follow in the demo but im seeing youtube videos of more girls

How do i get this stuff to work lol

Can you make it into a phone game for Android and iOS

the best game!


Can someone explain how to progress in this game? I get to the slime girl but after that scene it just ends. I see more gameplay posted here all the time. Am I missing something?


Sure thing! essentially the other gameplay you've seen is from various "Builds" the developer has released for patreon supporters to test newly implemented mechanics or characters. like pilot episodes and behind-the-scenes stuff, for a comparison. if you want to try these things for yourself, I suggest supporting the dev if you can. There's plenty of other neat rewards for those that do, and that aside every penny helps. pretty sure I even remember there being talk of  hiring voice actors if there was a certain donation quota met, an the fans have already blasted it out of the water!

Anyway, if you want more info check the other page for the game, it'll tell you all you need to know.

I had a little bit of trouble with the fishing thing and I sadly had to abandon the game because I had trouble with it.

hold right click then use scroll wheel to select the fishing rod, walk to the end of the dock and hold right click to get the rod out, then left click and wait

how to get the original MGI ?

plz put the link


Here's 2 more episodes where we meet Adeline and have a Halloween Special!

I have played the demo a few times and seen some further gameplay, double time it man im excited for the full game! Keep up the good work


Apparently a lot of girls like to do butt stuff, such as the Fox Twins and Faranne!

I oughta play this to completion before I judge it! haha


Don't tell Marzia

Little sis wants me to shoot her with slime!

It's time to take a look at Mako, The shark girl!

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That's generally what happens when you play a ten minute pre-alpha demo. not gonna downvote you, you're not giving the kind of starry-eyed review the plagues in-dev games and over-hypes them to hell, and some criticism helps. but you shouldn't judge the game so harshly given the circumstances unless you have suggestions. "Helpful criticism" is just that, maybe give it a try.


Welp, i'm just gonna leave this here..

OK, how do i run the game with an Oculus?


In my opinion jelly girl design for femdom sadistic character is not suitabale.


I think it is, since a slime is like music. You can't cut her, shoot her, hit her or hurt her, but she sure as hell can hurt you. I can't see someone who is literally untouchable having any other kind of personality. that said, I also understand your view. A slime could also be like water, being more of a "Go with the flow" freeloader, with no strong opinions or personality. But put in that context, which makes the more interesting character? besides, the MC sort of fills the "Freeloader" slot already... but in the end, I think the creator wants you to look past their bodies, their features, and just see his characters as "People" We've got an elf who isn't all sunshine and rainbows or particularly bright (Pun Intended) a Cat-girl who isn't a seductress (Gasp, she's actually a retro-nerd! *Thank you!!!*) and a spider who is anything but cold or bloodthirsty, but rather girly and sweet.

It's honestly pretty damn admirable.

Can't wait till you update this page again!

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