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This game is amazing!!!

I can not wait for the full version.

Do you accept proposals for new girls?

how much will it be and how can i buy it?

any specific realese date? I want to test out how many girls my stamina will get me through

Less than one

I'm having a problem progressing the demo. When I've gathered the 3 ingredients, I could only give the fish to Ara. If I try to give her the crab and the coconut, she just doesn't take them.

You need a regular fish to progress, not a rare one.

Figured :D Thanks, great work :)


When is the demo 2 being released?

anyway demo 2 release?

This game is freaking AWESOME! I had waited for so long to be able to buy the newest content using paypal. Thanks Redamz for great work. ^_^

Is this demo's the only one I can get? Or should I required to be the pateon to get further? I really want to know how can I get a full version.

I am having the same issue ... I brought it but the game shut's down after the slime girl

That's not an issue, that's just where the demo ends.

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Where is the folder save of MGI? (i want chane PC but don't want play again ||_|| )

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The save of demo 1 is useless for future versions but it's stored in users/(your user)/AppData/LocalLow/by redamz

Wow really thanks ( i just GHOST my computer and lost all my save T_T ) I think auto save in game main  ( i really bad T_T ) 

Hey Redamz , Rlly great job dude! Anyway , You have a date to next demo or full Game? Can't wait Waaaah D:

I can't wait ether i just got the demo last night.

are you going to be able to use a controller with the full version or later on?


I don't think so, the game uses mouse cursor too extensively and I don't think the time investment of adding some awkward controller support is worth it considering the game is designed to be playable with one hand in lewd scenes.

Maybe I'll add support for VR controllers though.

thank you for answering my question and i guess i'll have to make do with what i have.

So much potential for VR \o/

Really well executed. Hoping to see a full version soon.

I don't have access to a Rift or a Vive but I tried some scenes on Gear VR and yes, it works pretty great.

Don't expect full version too soon though...

Has the demo been updated yet or does it still end with the Slime girl scene?

No new demo yet, only a couple extra lewd scenes on patreon (that will be part of demo 2).


AMAZING! Seriously, this game is incredible and you are doing a great job. More people need to know of this because seriously, you are doing so good, it deserves to be noticed. A few grammar mistakes here and there but that didn't really matter. Some animations need a little more polishing but who cares! Keep working on this game, try crowd funding, anything! This needs to happen. I'd give a couple hundred to this if I could because this game could be really, really big. If you are ever looking for writers or anything like that, I have done a lot of things in different areas. Anyway, the point is you're doing an amazing job. Keep it up! :D

Thanks man!

I don't think I need crowdfunding beyond Patreon. I'm doing fine.

Maybe if people want something fancy like multi language VA I'll throw a sneaky indiegogo before release but otherwise is not needed.

Not a problem!

Your Patreon seems to be doing well, I'm really glad it is as well. You deserve all the money you make.

Hopefully you hit the point in which you can get some decent voice actresses and things, that'd just be the icing on the cake really. Anyway, thanks for the response, keep up the great work and I hope to see as much progress as possible as soon as you can. See ya, and good luck.

btw, is this game going to be on steam when it releases?

It's possible that I put a censored version there AFTER release.

and make people pay for nudity? that's smart, anyway, if it is on steam I will definately buy it

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I would donate you money if I could Redamz, great work


Yo! Redamz-san so you said if ever confronted with a Problem we'll send a crash-log right?! so where would I send it...I fully supprot you but I can't financially support you yet, due to Please continue what you need to do

And no worries!

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it says There should be "MGI_Data" folder next to executable please help

it even says file is corrupt (using the windows version

oh and im using windows 7

All the files you need are inside the zip, you have to extract all of them inside the same folder. If it says it's corrupted then try downloading it again but I think that most likely the issue is that you are trying to launch the executable from the zip file itself.

I have a problem, the windows 32 Bits version crashed in the loading screen, after put my name.

I'm using windows 7

There should be an output.log inside the game's folder (inside MGI_Data I think) You can try sending me that.

i cant wait for full version..hahahaha XD

i love this game so much..this game is full or demo only? (sorry if i ask u like that)

Is there any way to change the controls? my mouse doesn't allow me to right and left click at the same time

It's unity so you would change the controlls in the startup menu like with every other unity game.

if only it were that simple

Nothing worked

Still can't progress past attempting to fis

Well no it's literally is that simple as it's designed to be so.

If changing the controlls didnt work for you it's obviously you're mouse that's having the issue.

I know this and have nothing I can do on my en

What about replacing the mouse, you can do that right?

is there any scene with ara doing some things?

I love this game, its so beautiful... great characters and fantastic mapping. I cant donate, im poor man without credit target or paypal :(

Ign - 10/10

Hi Readmz i just wanted to ask if you need help with Music? Because i make music and tought this game is fun so i want to support you :D here is one of my songs: but i can't promise you that everything is gonna work just fine because im still trying to improve in making music

Nice songs !

thanks :3

Playing this was pretty amazing, love the visuals, love the dialogue. There's a good amount of control over the sex timing in order to sync orgasms, but it'd be nice if we had a little more control over speed (if we happen to be in control). I was a bit miffed that our dialogue choices with ara and suzu were often limited to dominant choices (all us monsterfags are subs then right, no point in pretending to be a normie, right?)

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EDIT: Liked how it ended so far. But don't like how there's the invisible wall when you try to go back to Ara. I wanted to try and see if there's more options for her.

Hello, guys will tell me when the full version of the game, or at least update that adds several new girls.

(Всем привет, ребят подскажите когда будет полная версия игры или хотя бы обновление которое добавит несколько новых девушек)

the skin color of the MC in some scenes is really yellow.. it looks honestly pretty bad

I am new in this kind of games,,actually like it, I dowloaded already use windows 32bit, there is a bug at the part with the demon slime the part when you search for her, you follow 3 little purple spots, and then found her at first time the problem is only the animation of her apear,not dialog and I can´t continue.... -_- such a great game,can´t wait for how will looks at the final stage....

AND FIX.... I only need to close it ( yes,I lost all the data,but it´s ok n__n ) and open it again....

nice work i really like that demon slime girl,keep going!

every time i try to bring up the game "There should be 'MGI_Data'

folder next to the executable" shows up. How can I fix it (I run the windows version)

I'm also on windows 8.1

Did you unzip all the files into the same folder?

Thank you, I forgot to do that!


Can't wait for this to get more work put into it! Love everything about it! <3


Help game crashed when i put my name and loding it ?i dl thes /Monster Girl Island32/.

Windows 10?

OSX version doesn't work for me, Windows does, haven't tried Ubuntu yet, might later if I'm curious.

Unpacking the OSX archive returned a number of 'archive incomplete' errors, didn't record which files were giving it trouble. After launching the app, all that happens is CoreServicesUIAgent process pops up, goes unresponsive, then terminates.

Pretty good. I like that the MC can be named and its a silent protag.

Btw will the game have individual endings and a harem one? And its sexual content will only be with MC right? Dont really like sex by anyone but MC.



Is there a link for the Demo here somewhere? I'm not seeing it.

I think the link was removed


Sorry guys, I was uploading a new version with some minor bug fixes and hopefully most typos corrected.

No problem, you're doing a great job!

No problem, thanks for the update!

The camera definitely needs some adjustments. I have to pick up my mouse just to turn around. The way it's currently built means there's no neutral position for my mouse. Needs some acceleration or something.

The movement speed is a pretty slow. I would guess it was to add some atmosphere from moving basically the same speed as Ara but it means running feels pretty necessary, and almost not sufficient.

Other than that and some typos it's pretty promising.


Thanks for the input. I'll add a mouse sensibility option in the next build.

I increased the movement speed a bit. Not too much since i don't want the movement to feel like Unreal Tournament either, but it should feel much better now.

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