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is there any way for me to download the game rn? patreon is down for some reason (i want to download it from to patreon and ik this one is free)

This game is abandoned is why you cant download it on patreon..Patreon wanted him to remove the incest sisters and he told them to go F themselves and abandoned the game.


ummm what the game is still being worked on like you good? cus in his discord he already finished the game and will make another game that will continue off of the first one

how do i get this to work for linux? i saw a comment earlier but im too dumb to understand it, so someone just explain how to run the game from terminal or from the files cause i pressed something there and it brought up the terminal

so when you going to finish your game

it's sad it will never get a update. i wanted to see more.   T^T

a month late, but check f95zone. its still in development.

It's marked as abandoned on f95zone. It is not in development


Game develpment is still active, redamz said it will come out once its 100% completed


why does it have a vr tag when theres no vr

you good


Can there be a android version please?


Wish there was a Android version


how do i fish


Wished that there Was a android vers


small qstion on you are put on abandond now i wonderdid you really quit this pretty game



Spoilers don't read unless you have played through  all content.

Is the newest version still in the banished spot after it becomes clear cyclops is the villain. I think last adult content spot was supposed to be with the snek and incomplete.


the game is so good ,please keep completing it!we can pay for it!!!


This is the first 3D game that was really good cant wait for the final version


hi can bring an android version? awesome game


I just spend $5 on it. Including my $5 sponsorship of MGI Prologue, I do expect the latest version or the complete version!


Oi poderia trazer uma versão pra Android??


english translation: hi could you bring a version to android??


Android version ????


Could you steam part 2? All forms of payment: Paypel, Patreon. You need a credit card, and I don't have a credit card. If you do, you can help me and help you with the earnings of those who do not have a card. Please! I need a second part, PLEASE!

Deleted 2 years ago

Am curious what u got in store


I'm not too sure how to pm but id love a list if you're willing to send me one :)


my guy hit me with some good games, i seriously can't find anything good that supports android, aside from third crisis and monster girl quest, everything was dull and incomparable

Am curious Too pls

@nanamonster could you tell me some good games too?

@nanamonster I'm curious about your list.

im definetly curious even if its paid games

look up f95zone. then click "latest updates". There's a lot there. You might need to make an account thought. I'm not sure.


will you make an android version?

I have a problem with Mac version I can download the game but when I try to launch it, the message "impossible to open MGI" pop. Can you help me the game looks very cool

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Have you tried the newer versions? I would imagine they work better.

had the same problem, its a issue with permissions. To fix it open terminal and if MGI is in applications write 

cd Applications

and then

chmod +x "/Applications/"

hope this helps :)






Where can I buy the full version?

You have to wait a while, he doesn't even have a full version yet(to the best of my knowledge). 

The dev is trying to get the prologue onto Steam.  I imagine that he will post it here too when that happens.


Here's a few more episodes recorded on the latest build. Lots of Monsters to enjoy.


Where can I buy the full version?

there isnt one just yet, it is still being made, the dev is up to chapter 4 of the story and each chapter lasts maybe a little longer than a day (ingame) you can finish the game in about 2 hrs

this game has a full version tho

it does?

sry my bad, it's prologue




can't wait to play!


Cant wait to play.


Wow, this scumbag scammer's game is still on this site? Despite literally robbing his patreons for 4+ years, and only giving them a single update, lol. What a piece of fucking garabge this guy is. Be forewarned, future site visitors - this dev is a shitty scammer, and just milks patreon for his cash. The game will never be completed. 


I know from personal experience that making a game is a very laborious task.  Depending on the work done, 4+ years is really nothing when building a game by yourself.  And I'm pretty sure that he has released more than one update for Patreons since posting this demo.

With that said, I'll admit that from the progress I've seen so far, the current releases are pretty underwhelming given the time he has used and the funds available to him.

I'll be saving my judgment for when (if) the final build is released.  He could be making progress and assets that we haven't seen yet, and would account for the time taken.


under normal circumstances, no. on a monthly Patreon? yes. lol.  skim through the comments here, it's a shitshow. 


couldn't agree more. I don't like someone asking money for claimingly $0 game.


I made an account just to downvote this post. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to make a fully 3d game from scratch by yourself? Obviously not. The progress is actually pretty impressive considering the quality of the content and the size of the team. Take your negativity somewhere else.

Part 2 of the Prologue, there's some cool new additions to the game.


Continuing the series as i now take a look at the Prologue!

Is there a VR version of this? it could work pretty well as a VR game

It could be my potato of a video card but even on the lowest settings and resolution, it freezes after the tutorial. It's a shame too. It looked interesting


I saw it. he update for patreon patrons only.

and is been more than .......... 4 years, no public update.

just wait.

he has another 6 years to exceed trust limit from Perkedel.


if in 6 years still no public update or there is one but Patreon patron exclusive = SCAM!!!


I'm sorry to tell you this..but. The game's already dead

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Please let this be a hoax

I saw his Patreon and he was active that December 25. The 2018.

So, not dead yet. Kinda. U..m.

I am wondering if I should be a patron of this game. Will the game be pubished?

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uhh, if only you have too much money (e.g. have revenue >$1k a day), you can do it.

This, idk. When. Just hope it will. Perkedel has trialed Redamz for 6 years from now to publish the release to make Redamz trustable. Otherwise, late and no publish, Perkedel mark him a scam.

Why are you talking about yourself in a third person? 


I mean, I gave Redamz maximum 6 years for public update which means the real this itch update here after the Patreon.

If he failed to deliver the public update after 6 years which means from now to there is 1 January 2025 and found out that the latest version update is exclusive to Patreon, and/or fell to Steam or any proprietary game store at a not $0 price, I will mark him as a SCAMMER and me, will tag Redamz as foes.

This includes banning him from e.g. my Discord server.


And who are you @Perkedel Technologies?
You write like you own the game and Redamz is just a person who works as freelancer for you.

hello guys when Ai-chan sing the game stop working can someone give me a save file after the player wake up from the dream pls and thx you can find the save files in 
C:\Users\YOUR PC NAME\AppData\LocalLow\by redamz
and you might need to press view show hidden items so you can see app data


everyone waiting for 4+ years for a hentai game! Dont get me wrong, where all on the same page but if u think of it, its kinda pathetic.

Dont hate on me im just sayin! And the comments section here is probably way more mature than a c section in youtube ( No 9 year olds here ) sooooo no hatred? Hope not lol

well im not up to date but i think the full game is released ?! Idk but from your comment it sounds like it did! Im sorry i just came from porn hub and developed a fettish for a slime and a shark and i feel kinda wierd about it, didnt play the actual game just watched it and kinda got addicted to it

I feel like im sharing way to my personal info but Who cares its 2019

nah you are right i wasted my time on this game but its ok i deleted it 77 days ago XD  and yah i liked the slime man this is dumb af XD


Considering people have waited longer for non-hentai games or other entertainment venues? No. Not really any more pathetic than those situations.


guys i need the full version or the original if there is one 

Deleted 2 years ago

Why is the website is directing me into a patreon?

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