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i'm having a problem with the download
every time the link dies at 25% and i can't resume it and it tells the that acces is denied
this is my 7th time trying and it's always the same
can someone help me ?

Try to disable some AntiVirus program you are runnign. It may think its a virus(Its of cause not.)

When is this game gonna be complete? I heard a rumor that is was gonna be completed by the end of july

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As soon as possible full :3

we need centaur girl <3

whoa...could you get this working on Android?

very nice. Can you make it work on samsung vr?

When will they finally add a full version?

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This is a great game and I'm having a lot of fun with it. Also the demon slime Eris is probably my fav charater because she has the same name as me and hot asf and purple. (Thank god I decided not to use my real name for the game because that would've gotten confusing )



Is there going to be an Ophelia lewd scene?



I've downloaded the game but its the small version only with the slime girl... I NEED THAT SHARK IN MY LIFE!!!!! ples tell me how i get the legit version.


never mind i found out bois, time to donate to the patreon :)

how you manage it?

You have to become patreon of this game by donation. They have different versions of this game specifically for patreons only - including the shark girl and many more. Looks like 5$ will do the trick. Visit this:

So much time without full game

Man, end July and this game'll be released?  CAN'T  WAIT

Will it really be released at the end of July? Where did you hear that?

how do I get more then just the demo

This game was pretty damn good so far. I got to the ending with slime and the "cliff hanger" I absolutely want more. going to be donating soon to help fund this project because I LOVE it.

it ok so far, but the game keeps crashing and force closing 

Cant get past the first screen where you need to click? doesn't do anything, Help?

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Anyone know when the game will be released??


end July

Wait really? That soon?! I cant wait!

When will the full version be available?

from what I hear at the end of this july

I fucking love this, this is almost exactly what I wanted and looking for, a visual novel combined with exploration elements and open world. I cannot WAIT for updates

The demo is pretty cool, can't wait for final release.

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Game: "We all have to eat, regardless of our species."

Me: "Unless you're a robot" *presses space*

Game: "Unless you are a Robot I, guess"

4th wall? What 4th wall? I only see 3 walls and a pile of dust.

HELP! I've messed up the control scheme for the game, and I can't remember what the default ones were, plus I can't find a "reset to defaults" button or anything...any help is appreciated  

Redamz, help me with the crash, with When I open the game, I entered the name and loading, the note appear and I dont know how to send the crash file

Hello, hope you can help, bought this game,  been trying to download, my systems ran by Windows 7.

 First time I downloaded this game it kept crashing, which was 220 MB. I then tried downloading 219, but a file couldn't be found, don't know if a glitch, but have had thoughts of making another donation. TY,

This game was great. Has it's pluses and minuses. Though I can't play it on my Youtube channel do to censorship issues, I had fun and it was a really cool experience. I was kinda hoping I could fight my way out of that ending scenario, but couldn't. I'm hoping you add in something like that, but then again, it kinda ruins the Porn demographic. All in all, I loved this game and can't wait to see future updates.

the demo is great, I finish it already, hope soon updates


So played the game demo and have two questions 1.if you are going to release a second public demo when would that be? 2. will i be able to romance suzu she is so cute


Tried your game and well, i had fun xD love the character design and i hope to see even more, and while we are at it, is there more story than the ending with the slime lady? just saying, i see more characters on the screen shots! i might just go back and record more e__e

Keep up the good job! this game is great!


I had to promote this game. I really want there to be an update to the demo and I hope to support the dev as well. Definitely check out this game and vid and let's get this new demo rollin'! Great game I'm so into it.

Thanks <3

There's gonna be another public demo soon-ish. I can't give dates though :p

That's okay I'll definitely be checking in to see updates. Great work so far! Can't wait to check out more.

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So i made a little gameplay of the demo, did not expect such lewdness xD

Make sure to follow me @ YouTube as i upload new videos every single day about random games like this!

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Nice! :D

when is there gonna be a update

You can pledge on Patreon to grab WIP builds.

There is also gonna be one more public demo.

hey i have a question, when and how do you get past the demon slime? The game ends everytime. Do you have to pay in order to get the full game? and how much? and where do i go to buy the game?

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Hello, again. I figured out what the problem was with the fishing, but it's a large problem that makes the game unplayable for users without a mouse. I'm using a laptop with a mouse that does not allow me to use both left and right clicks at the same time... and that makes this game unplayable for me. The only way I see to fix that would be to use one of the keyboard keys (maybe in conjunction with the right click) rather than left + right click together. Maybe even allowing us to set our own keybinds in the options.

Deleted post
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Hello. I have a couple of problems that I can't figure out how to resolve, so I thought it'd be a good idea to put it as feedback here (rather than through Tumblr/ The 2 problems I've noticed so far (using windows 8.1, 64 bit) are: A. I cannot figure out how to use the items in the inventory (I had gotten the crab, coconut, & fishing rod (and book?), but when at the end of the dock I couldn't figure out how to use the rod. & B. when pressing alt + esc, it caused a horrible glitch which blocked me from doing anything on the desktop, until I restarted my PC. a simple way to resolve A would to be to give a tutorial on how to use the items in the inventory, & for B to put a "force quit" option in the right-click menu of the MGI icon in the task bar.


So Is There Any Sex In This Or............

I got raped in like the first 30 minutes by a demon slime. "Is there any sex" yes, yes there is.

I wrote about Monster Girl Island along with some others in a Valentine's Day post on my blog here:

Looking forward to seeing this as a finished game!


I pledged $15 to your Patreon. Do I get a cookie?

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