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uhhhh i just got the mac version but its not launching for me HAALP

still interesting :)

when i will can play the full game?

OMG AT END OF JULY.I will wait :3

When it is done which will be a year or 2 more.

I invite you to my twitter. You will find games related to the hentai theme and not only. For download and to play in the flash.
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The best collections I've found :)
The last of us Ellie posed by Joel on the pool table :)

I fk up  I need help I put in the 5 howaver  itput up a pop up  in short I close it was that pop up for something

Is there any scene with suzu? ;_;

Not yet.

can any1  give me the full game XD (I'm poor)

There is no full game yet, either wait for demo 2 or go to his patreon and just give 5 dollars and you can get all of the builds he has released.

I cant wait for the full game! I will gladly buy it when its finished!

try this demon a harpy a old irlind  mith  the srieand  the leagon gos like this  wean a love one dies over seas the banchey  sreams 

are all the downloads the demon slime if so I have that one I was just put in $2.00 in at 11 ars  ago I was just asking if u can put in the spider girl shark girl and dragon girl in I'm bad at rembring names btw as a rpg gamer I like the old school tex  in the game a lot of games I play was how shod I put this to much racket all so this demo of the slime girl  was the first game that I play on the pc that I like  all so did I miss out on getting your first monster girl island demo  I tell u this it is a hard cord kick ass game hope it comes out the way u wont to but befor  I jet out  how abut  this a hav woman hav  horse girl 

Go to the patreon for updated information 5 dollars will get you every build that is currently out.


I like how this looks.

I'm going to check this one out and see if i like it.


how do you set it up to play the game  i just bought it but don't know how to play it

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Extract with winrar or 7zip and run the .exe also could you tell me what you bought? Because one thing tells you not to buy it.


I-it's not like I played this because I like hentai or anything! B-b-baka!

Anyway, this is actually a really cool game. The character models look great, and it definitely is a cool concept. I'm somewhat surprised that there's even some world building and a skeleton for a plot. I'll be looking forward to the full game~

Last but not least - great job on making this! 

 ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \


I had the chance to play this on my macbook air and its a pretty cool concept, nice job. I can see potential with this game. I enjoyed the adult aspect of the game, obviously.


Played the game today and wanted to know if there is newer release for Mac? Even for an old OS? Really want to see the other characters. I'll check out the patreon page now


The game is not completed yet, it has another year at least of development.

This Demo is very outdated, everything has been improved since then including graphics and even the "scene" itself.

Every girl should have 2 lewd scenes for them for final release, some may have more than 2.

Demo 2 which is a huge build of the game will show many scenes and give a very good idea of what the game will be like will be out before the end of the year publicly for free. 

There is many builds on the creators patreon right now with very good content that you can access for at least 5 dollars.


how do I in zip the file to play?

You use Winrar 7zip or windows 10 built in unzipping system to unzip the file, then you launch the .exe file.


wait for full game


when come full game?

Expected Late 2018, but you could donate atleast 5 dollars to the creators patreon and get access to early builds with some really good content.


if so how?

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can I get the demo free?


yes just click the download button


when will full game come out??


sooo how do i get day one and day two owo'




i'm having a problem with the download
every time the link dies at 25% and i can't resume it and it tells the that acces is denied
this is my 7th time trying and it's always the same
can someone help me ?

Try to disable some AntiVirus program you are runnign. It may think its a virus(Its of cause not.)


When is this game gonna be complete? I heard a rumor that is was gonna be completed by the end of july

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As soon as possible full :3

we need centaur girl <3


whoa...could you get this working on Android?


very nice. Can you make it work on samsung vr?


When will they finally add a full version?

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This is a great game and I'm having a lot of fun with it. Also the demon slime Eris is probably my fav charater because she has the same name as me and hot asf and purple. (Thank god I decided not to use my real name for the game because that would've gotten confusing )




Is there going to be an Ophelia lewd scene?


I've downloaded the game but its the small version only with the slime girl... I NEED THAT SHARK IN MY LIFE!!!!! ples tell me how i get the legit version.


never mind i found out bois, time to donate to the patreon :)

how you manage it?

You have to become patreon of this game by donation. They have different versions of this game specifically for patreons only - including the shark girl and many more. Looks like 5$ will do the trick. Visit this:

So much time without full game

Man, end July and this game'll be released?  CAN'T  WAIT

Will it really be released at the end of July? Where did you hear that?

how do I get more then just the demo

This game was pretty damn good so far. I got to the ending with slime and the "cliff hanger" I absolutely want more. going to be donating soon to help fund this project because I LOVE it.

it ok so far, but the game keeps crashing and force closing 

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