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Lewd game with monster girls. Demo. (18+)




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I had to promote this game. I really want there to be an update to the demo and I hope to support the dev as well. Definitely check out this game and vid and let's get this new demo rollin'! Great game I'm so into it.

Thanks <3

There's gonna be another public demo soon-ish. I can't give dates though :p

That's okay I'll definitely be checking in to see updates. Great work so far! Can't wait to check out more.

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So i made a little gameplay of the demo, did not expect such lewdness xD

Make sure to follow me @ YouTube as i upload new videos every single day about random games like this!

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Nice! :D

when is there gonna be a update

You can pledge on Patreon to grab WIP builds.

There is also gonna be one more public demo.

hey i have a question, when and how do you get past the demon slime? The game ends everytime. Do you have to pay in order to get the full game? and how much? and where do i go to buy the game?

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Hello, again. I figured out what the problem was with the fishing, but it's a large problem that makes the game unplayable for users without a mouse. I'm using a laptop with a mouse that does not allow me to use both left and right clicks at the same time... and that makes this game unplayable for me. The only way I see to fix that would be to use one of the keyboard keys (maybe in conjunction with the right click) rather than left + right click together. Maybe even allowing us to set our own keybinds in the options.

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Hello. I have a couple of problems that I can't figure out how to resolve, so I thought it'd be a good idea to put it as feedback here (rather than through Tumblr/monstergirlisland.com). The 2 problems I've noticed so far (using windows 8.1, 64 bit) are: A. I cannot figure out how to use the items in the inventory (I had gotten the crab, coconut, & fishing rod (and book?), but when at the end of the dock I couldn't figure out how to use the rod. & B. when pressing alt + esc, it caused a horrible glitch which blocked me from doing anything on the desktop, until I restarted my PC. a simple way to resolve A would to be to give a tutorial on how to use the items in the inventory, & for B to put a "force quit" option in the right-click menu of the MGI icon in the task bar.


So Is There Any Sex In This Or............

I got raped in like the first 30 minutes by a demon slime. "Is there any sex" yes, yes there is.

I wrote about Monster Girl Island along with some others in a Valentine's Day post on my blog here: http://pajamagaming.blogspot.com/2017/02/happy-val...

Looking forward to seeing this as a finished game!


I pledged $15 to your Patreon. Do I get a cookie?

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I downloaded the game on mac but I can't figure out how to fish for fish in the starting and its not allowing me to skip. Unfortunately, thats as far as I have been able to get to. Is there anyway that you could tell me how to do that.

in order to fish, you're going to need the fishing pole, which is in the little shack. Then, go up to the waterfront, right-click to pull out your current item, and scroll to select the fishing pole. left-click to cast and you'll get a fish.

fyi; https://www.patreon.com/monstergirlisland/posts


So users who donated here can get the new patreon demo? or will i have to pledge 5$ on patreon? cause i paid 5$ here but pledge 1$.

I have an advice for people, want to know the news of this game? hit the "Website" link above the "Patreon" and browse on that page, it is updated (somewhat) regularly.

What website? monstergirlisland.com? Cause that's where i download mine...

That one, since from a time now i have noticed that some of people that post here have outdated info or have no knowledge of the progress being made.

I have a question... After the game is finished... Will it be free or do we have to pay for it(or it is depends if we wanted to?)? Because if i have to pay for it i'll just keep play on the demo T^T. If its free that'll be so damn awesome. But im not begging for you guys to make it free. Just asking...

Thanks for the game! It is reaaaally AWESOME!


Hello Redamz, i want to ask you a question. Is the game is still at demo (i tested it with the slime girl scene, but there no more) ? If no, how can i download the latest update ?

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He has a page (in tumblr i think) where he keeps showing the (somewhat) progress and yes, as far as i have seen this thing (is not exactly a game, not a date simulator nor a visual or interactive novel so far) is still a demo, apparently (sometime) on the future he will finish demo 2 which will (apparently) will be (way) different from this.

This might be a demo for several reasons like:
Not having all the girls completed
Not having the scenario (the story) completed
Not having the whole island completed
Having to adapt the whole thing to VR
A mix of the ones above and that (apparently) he is doing it all alone.

P.S.: The dude is also trying to improve the game yet keeping it as it is so those who could play on the demo 1 can keep playing the demo 2

Oh, i did'nt know, thanks to the awnser.

i purchase the download through this site and was wondering if this is the same as being a patreon? i donate $5 when it asked me if i would like to donate.


i bought the patreon pack here a long while ago befor it was outdated and i was wondering if ill be able to get the new content?

Hello I have a question. I brought the game here so how do I get the newer versions? Is this archive are gona be updated?

Hello, Thanks

I want to ask a question,what's the meaning of "outdated/don't buy?"If I spend 5dollars,I won't get the Patreon pack?

You will but that pack is missing the latest build.

You should get it on Patreon that accepts paypal now.

I'm still gonna upload public demos and sell the finished product here but since there's no way to add stuff to the existing pack it's kind of a hassle to keep it updated here on itch.io

And how do i get it trough Patreon? I'm sorry i'm kinda new to this.

Just a question since I did pay the 5 dollars here.. Do I have to pay it again on the patrons page to get the latest update?

I'm downloading an indie game featuring monstrosities with big heaving boobies and that is in no way sad.

My life is awesome.

I'm unable to download the game. After I click download it goes for a little then it just stops. I'm trying to download the Win32 version.


how get full game


Any update on the game? Just out of pure curiosity.. And research... Hue hue hue...

Apparently, people who downloaded your game also went to go download mine, so thanks for the unintentional referrals :P still up to help you out with this game if you need it sometime man! :)

Thanks man!
About referals, yeah they are very helpul. I get a lot of referals from other H-games on itch.io too.

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Well I have to say this game is something I wasn't expecting it to turn out to be. When I saw 18+ I was expecting a few pictures here and there. But what I saw was amazing! I won't spoil it here, but sir and or madam please continue this game!


Probably not a good idea to upload that kind of uncensored gameplay on youtube :p
And thanks!

the installation for the game is a little tricky on linux platforms if you could make a instalklation guide or something thatd be nice

This game is amazing!!!

I can not wait for the full version.

Do you accept proposals for new girls?

how much will it be and how can i buy it?

any specific realese date? I want to test out how many girls my stamina will get me through

Less than one

Ummm can i pay with paysafecard ? i extra buyed it to buy this game :C

I'm having a problem progressing the demo. When I've gathered the 3 ingredients, I could only give the fish to Ara. If I try to give her the crab and the coconut, she just doesn't take them.

You need a regular fish to progress, not a rare one.

Figured :D Thanks, great work :)


When is the demo 2 being released?

anyway demo 2 release?

This game is freaking AWESOME! I had waited for so long to be able to buy the newest content using paypal. Thanks Redamz for great work. ^_^

Is this demo's the only one I can get? Or should I required to be the pateon to get further? I really want to know how can I get a full version.

I am having the same issue ... I brought it but the game shut's down after the slime girl

That's not an issue, that's just where the demo ends.

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Where is the folder save of MGI? (i want chane PC but don't want play again ||_|| )

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The save of demo 1 is useless for future versions but it's stored in users/(your user)/AppData/LocalLow/by redamz

Hey Redamz , Rlly great job dude! Anyway , You have a date to next demo or full Game? Can't wait Waaaah D:

I can't wait ether i just got the demo last night.

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