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Lewd game with monster girls. Demo. (18+)




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Monster Girl Island.zip 220 MB
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Monster Girl IslandOSX.zip 226 MB
Patreon pack (outdated/don't buy) 727 MB
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Apparently a lot of girls like to do butt stuff, such as the Fox Twins and Faranne!

I oughta play this to completion before I judge it! haha


Shark Bae Time!

Old demo still good though: 


Don't tell Marzia

Little sis wants me to shoot her with slime!

It's time to take a look at Mako, The shark girl!


Honestly this shit sucks. The models themselves are decent quality but the animations are fucking awful. I've seen better hentai porn on fucking newgrounds. 

Also the actual gameplay is god awful as well.


That's generally what happens when you play a ten minute pre-alpha demo. not gonna downvote you, you're not giving the kind of starry-eyed review the plagues in-dev games and over-hypes them to hell, and some criticism helps. but you shouldn't judge the game so harshly given the circumstances unless you have suggestions. "Helpful criticism" is just that, maybe give it a try.

Still interesting!


Welp, i'm just gonna leave this here..

OK, how do i run the game with an Oculus?


In my opinion jelly girl design for femdom sadistic character is not suitabale.

I think it is, since a slime is like music. You can't cut her, shoot her, hit her or hurt her, but she sure as hell can hurt you. I can't see someone who is literally untouchable having any other kind of personality. that said, I also understand your view. A slime could also be like water, being more of a "Go with the flow" freeloader, with no strong opinions or personality. But put in that context, which makes the more interesting character? besides, the MC sort of fills the "Freeloader" slot already... but in the end, I think the creator wants you to look past their bodies, their features, and just see his characters as "People" We've got an elf who isn't all sunshine and rainbows or particularly bright (Pun Intended) a Cat-girl who isn't a seductress (Gasp, she's actually a retro-nerd! *Thank you!!!*) and a spider who is anything but cold or bloodthirsty, but rather girly and sweet.

It's honestly pretty damn admirable.

Can't wait till you update this page again!

So just wondering about Patreon, If I pledge $10, and the pledge goes through successfuly, can I cancel it and still receive the game when it comes out? Like if I pledge $10 one time, will I still receive the game upon release? And will the game copy on release be digital or physical (please say it is digital)

when is the new demo out I am so eager for it 


Can't wait for the new demo to be released and it's been ages since i first played this game. I feel so awkward looking back at my old gameplay but I decided to make something special.

Also Here's the original:


what did you get?

Just wow...thats all i got

I want the update for tomorrow, it's my special day :D


lol your basically a walking lego person

Does anyone know exactly when the new build will be released?

i got a confirmation e-mail from patreon so idk why it ain't out yet




so it not out yet right im just trying to mark my days till its ready xD

i fucking know right! this guy makes like 30k a month off patreon so i hope od doesn't cost xD

I love this game, I can not wait for the day that will finally be ready. 


is there a full version?

So good. <3

how do i run this 


i managed to get the ingrediants but i don't know where i go from there. can anyone help?

I cant seem to fish. Is anyone else having trouble?

YEah i am aswell


Fishing pole is in the hut. After you grab that, go to the end of the dock, look at the water, hold right click to bring up your inventory and use your scroll wheel to cycle through your items. Once its selected use the left click to cast.


how do we gain updates is there notifications or auto?


uhhhh i just got the mac version but its not launching for me HAALP


when i will can play the full game?


OMG AT END OF JULY.I will wait :3


When it is done which will be a year or 2 more.

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