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Dragons, slimes, giant bugs, centaurs and more. This island is full of monsters and they are all... Oddly attractive!?
From Elves to Kitsune; from Mermaids to Androids; myths and science fiction suddenly become a reality as you find yourself on this mysterious island.
Will you uncover its secrets?
Or perhaps you will attempt to get close to these Monster Girls?

Story and Characters

You wake up on an island.You don't know how you arrived there.
You quickly realize this island is inhabited, but its residents aren't normal people. In fact, they aren't human at all!
As you meet the residents you learn that the mysteries go even further, these monstrous residents find themselves in the same situation as you. They also arrived to this island under strange circumstances, they actually come... From another world!?

During Prologue you'll meet a variety of Monster Girls including a nekomata, mermaid, elves, slime, dragon, kitsune, arachne, and many more!
Even more girls planned for future releases. Look forward to yuki onna, centaur, lamia, tree girl and more!


  • Adventure based gameplay, feel free to explore the island!
  • Fully 3D world and characters.
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Multiple dialogue choices and branching events.
  • Costume Shop (no microtransactions here!)
  • A smartphone with no signal.
  • A good boy that likes apples.
  • A bunch of crabs.
  • And of course, you can get close to the girls.


Prologue features roughly 1/3rd of the main story (individual girl's routes not taken into account). It serves as an introductory, standalone, experience before the final release of the game (that won't be free and won't be finished for a while).

I've been working on Monster Girl Island for 3+ years, it's been a journey, but after much learning and many re-doings I finally think the game is polished enough for the public. What you see here is what you'll get in the full release, for the most part. So please look forward to Monster Girl Island if you enjoy this first part!

Release date Jun 20, 2019
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(715 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Visual Novel
Made withBlender, Unity, Paint Tool SAI, ZBrush
Tags3D, Adult, Anime, Hentai, Monster Girls, NSFW
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Patreon, Twitter, Community


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He give up MGIP this NSFW game,and instead made SFW games

Oh, my goodness, I feel so sad about this. I have been waiting for this game for many years, and now I see news that the author has decided to give up. This is too disappointing, and MGI's decision to give up halfway is too regrettable


Told you guys that this dickhead scammed you


Redamz should really just take this down. Incomplete dead game with no future. Just teasing people at this point.



Redamz please bring back the game I'm begging you 😭

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Well, the game is dead, and I doubt the comments are being checked, but I finally got around to trying the "full" prologue (I played the first demo a while ago), and I gotta say, this was fun! I liked the characters, the stages were nice, storyline was getting interesting. I've never been big on mini-games, but they were alright enough for making use of the space. Faster dash would have been good. Hopefully the newer, smaller games are able to get made and released to follow up.

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It sucks bro, I can even Play the game again without shedding tears I'm for real just hoping that red was kidding about giving up the game 

for real :/ this game has such an unique charm to it

Yeah :(


RIP Monster Girl Island, the dream was nice while it lasted


why RIP?


(just gonna lay it all out)
1. MGI was a big project. It was well funded, sadly and if I'm getting my stories straight patreon was well patreon. They wanted a huge cut and Red wasn't going to give in. I respect him on that.

2. This issue is tech grew faster than red could work.

3. (an offical statement "The story started in MGI Prologue will be expanded upon on different games that I've been working on.

 "MGI prologue was becoming too dated and development taking too long, so I decided to cut my losses and move the story to smaller, more manageable games.

The core story has been mostly unadulterated, but not all characters will get as much focus as it was originally intended, at least for now..."-Red ( Jan 2nd, 2024) There is more to this, but this is the core.

4.I'm not sure what he means by "cut his losses" As people would have 100% would have supported him. 

5.The other issue is his ego got in the way, I'm pretty sure some talented people were lined up willing to help. But he wanted to work on the game himself. I get it his story, his baby. I can respect it but it got the game killed. 

6. (3. continue)  
"Love;Again are visual novels focused on dating and ecchi rather than straight up hentai.

MGI Saga is focused on world building and tries to be more of a game than the other entries in the series.

I understand not everyone will like these changes, but it is what it is."- red (again more to this but this still another part to 3.)


I'm not really sure what truly happened. I feel he honestly just lost his drive. He might be making more but sadly I feel that he did damage to his reputation. MGI as i said before was more or less the gateway for monster girls/hentai. Yeah it's a hentai/lewd game blah blah blah, but I am 100% certain it would been a staple of hentai games.  


Wow yeah, I couldn't have said it better. Honestly its just such a shame cause the game or rather the prologue was so unique like no other Hentai Game. I was really looking forward to the future of this game but was short lived sadly. 


What little I played was amazing in the prologue and I was having fun with it. t sucks that it it getting scrapped cuase he's too proud to ask for help essentially... really sucks

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Patreon is based on percentages. It never changes. Sorry but, that's not accurate
Yes, Patreon was charging him 200,000 a year.

That's because his page was generating 2 million a year at one point.

It's percentages, they scale the bigger the number is.
That's how just about all services work, they take a percentage, which means more profit to them based on success.


AH I see. Bit of miss info, Looked it back up. What is was that they(patreon) kept updating their policies, and eventually targeted Red because of the game. 

saying that, the money issue(s) from patreon is known problem as well. 

(1 edit) (+1)

I doubt he was targeted, per say.
It seems unlikely. As I mentioned, at some point they were getting 20,000 a month in income from his page. They really wouldn't want to target someone under those circumstances. They did update their TOS and do so often, but I've been on Patreon for years and it's never been anything excessive that they require or ask of Patrons. The main reason they update their TOS is because some developers try to skirt the rules by bending them. Those rules need to be amended once people find out about it.

Naturally, it's up to the developer whether they want to adhere or decline. It seems this dev did, for whatever reason.

I don't think this game will ever be finished, but I do come and check on it from time to time. Just to see if I'm wrong. ^_^


For projects of this scale they should've just gone to platforms like kickstarter. The problem with Patreon as a longer-term fund-as-you-develop platform is that none of the parties gets any guarantee.

Patreon is meant for regular content delivery like podcasts, video clips or illustrations. If your game is not able to deliver substantial updates at least on a quarterly basis then Patreon is a really bad idea for raising funds.

(1 edit) (+1)

Back then kickstarter didn't allow adult content games to be funded or placed on their platform. This is something they only recently began to do.
More importantly, 95% of kickstarters never get funded. Patreon is vastly better for funding what you enjoy doing.

(1 edit) (+2)

Actually from what i read on multiple reddits and other sites. It wasn't that. I think that the Patreons or simply to say. People who supported him, went basically against him for releasing everything very very slowly (Despite him saying it will arrive soon, but they weren't wrong since that part with frog girl, forgot her name. was there after very long time) 

And some ppl were checking files of the game and somehow found out that those characters used in game are not made by him, which i dunno about that. I could like 50% believe it and 50% not believe it. But it's closer to not believing it. I mean i think it make sense that those characters could be made by him, since i mean did you saw any 18+ animations with those models ? Not including the game itself. 

But Reddamz himself said that, patreon was demanding control over his game so he left patreon. And said that the game will be sold after it will be finished. He said that in 2021. That was his last tweet on twitter. With 3D model showcase of a new girl. So who knows. Maybe he is working on it. Maybe he gave up. But i mean 2+ years and no sign of him, nor any info. Who knows.

(1 edit) (+2)

There is information elsewhere that he gives updates and is active. The game MGI is done as is. *With more stories being released in smaller settings*

The main issues: was  Patreon changing their tos and him not being able to have enough time.

(There was a lot of deserved back lash that he got and is getting. I usually take the side of the dev, especially because a small team or working alone. The issue I have hear is that he 100% needed help and refused. Which is his right, but it cost the game's 'life'.  Even though he gives updates, it does feel he took the money and ran sometimes.)

The things I quoted was just said this year by him. 


Thanks for that info.  I could see a game of this following being overwhelming.
I can also understand why he refused help. I had a few people approach me , offering "help" for one of my projects. Before they even got hired properly, they started trying to take over. 

He's probably had to deal with a lot. Stuff we may never know.


Yeah he is active on discord. He gives info to people. He actually made an halloween event for MGI. But he is working on like other game? that he then wants to combine with MGI? If i got it correctly. But to me MGI feels just undone. I mean there are many characters that need some "scenes" if you know what i mean. And we don't know what happened after the current "ending" of MGI. So for anybody. He has a discord where he gives info about upcoming things. 


A shame indeed, but he needs to do what's best for himself. Still, is this the most updated version of the game we can get, or is there more content that was made available somewhere else?

I'm not 100% sure, they might have it on their discord.

Thanks! I've had a quick look, and it seems as though this is all there is.

plans for a .apk version

Game is abandoned so no

can i play it in vr?

(3 edits)

in settings (where sets graphics), on next tab(input), costs to set up a VR helmet oculus. soo, you can(i guess)

(1 edit) (+7)

Honestly I think it's best for the dev just to have tried to have people refunded and abandon the project altogether. As now he is moving to visual novels and making it a non(less of a) hentai game, which made MGI so popular. (it's was THE gateway game). 

In some ways the game is abandoned, as the new view for it is.. well stupid. (this is one of those time where you can say the dev screw up).  (fyi: even in AAA games we see thing. The idea of the players saying you gone messed up and things being changed is nothing new.. even for free AAA games)

-If you're not comfortable with making the style of game anymore cool and all good, but you can't just take the money you earned and decide "screw you", I'm doing this now. /it is highly unmoral ethic.

Edit: 1. Forgot to add this as its important: I'm not saying they're uncomfortable or there won't be any boobies. My point is rather this is what people were actually paying for. It's the cost of asking for money and wanting funded. If there wasn't money involve then personally it would be a different story. (above in the fyi part i said this happens even for free aaa titles... there is a huge difference in those titles compare to a project such as mgi)
The game in its hay day was gonna be an easy 10/10 game. Sad to see what become of it. 


it has not literally been abandoned, the dev is currently making other games to expand on the story and will be trying to make another game progressing the story we have so far, but will need to find a team to help on the game, that's what is stated on the updates page in the discord

for now mgi is what it is now

i hope we can get a full game soon but i am not 100% sure when or if it will happen


it has been abandoned and he pocketed the money. He is scammer.


The dev officially announced that they have abandoned this game and will now be making other games that share the same story but without the hentai. check the updates channel in https://discord.gg/mgi for more info.



AHHHH can someone pls share the link to the discord? last time i asked i got an invite to something else's server... pls i really wanna replay this game after months, it's a great love sotry with the frog girl


Deleted 129 days ago


This is not the Discord link to MGI. This is a link to a game that is inspired by MGI. It has no relations.


what game is it? link expired


Well seems like this is the end for Monster Girl Island. Man I was so excited for a full Version of this Game, its a shame really


I was told that this game has a little bit more to it that isnt on steam. Does anyone know if the version on here is the latest one, or is it the same as the one on steam?


Nvm i got the latest from the discord


Hope this game will come with some updates in the future. Its pretty nice to play


Me too

It never will, the game is dead. Last version (which is just a Halloween event) is on the discord from like 2021. redamz said it's dead and it's staying dead. 


Finish the game


These people are serious 💀

and i love it

(1 edit) (+1)

I liked the game story too much I don't know why it's sequel never came. Man.....I really wanna play it's sequel the prologue suspense in the end was unexpected. Please man think again on creating a sequel for this........It acks to think that the game was abandoned mid way, the game looked soo promising......so Man please create a sequel. It's the first _game in which I loved the storyline and this is how it ends, it's feels even worse than what it felt at the end of ONE PUNCH MAN season 2.

Please re consider!!!

Love this work. Keep working, God Bless.....

(and please re-consider Please!!)

Please send me the Discord Link!!

is there an active discord server? i see some links in the comments but it always gives me an error when i try to use the invite... it-s been a while since the last time i played this game, thanks


Do you know if there are going to be any android versions? Tried to use it on Joiplay, but it doesn't work. It looks like a cool game

yeah the games is good i the history is one of that you cant skip and still enjoy it but sadly the creator got some issues on patreon by reports and stopped the progress on doing the game



One of the tragedies of many promising H games


I love how it's been literal years since an update from this game. The discord is equally sad, mainly used as a porn sharing server.

Can the devs please add an android port

same what’s the discord link ? 

(1 edit)

Anyone able to send the link of MGI discord? Other links have expired or  unable to accept invite.


this is a dead game last i knew. I followed and contributed to this project along time ago. Last i knew he was no longer going to continue with creating this.

dude i saw a video on this game or the old version years ago but i couldent find the game and now ive found it


Add Turkish language


has this gotten updated recently I haven't played it in awhile and was wondering if I should redownload it?

(2 edits)

no update but if you want go the the discord to get the patreon version which has a additional chapter than the Steam version and the halloween edition

is there a link in game? or can you send me one to it

Sorry for really late reply just search up the name and type in discord

Anyone able to send the link of MGI discord? Other links have expired. Thanks!



Could someone send me the link of the discord?

Old links have expired



so will this still be worked on? or is it off becuase of the patreon thing. i liked it, though i would've liked to be in more control. but the ending was so fucked, not satisfying at all. if this is being fully made somewhere id love information about where. 


Ok,this message is useless for people who don't use Chinese.But I want find the group of Chinese localization.I wanna help the Chinese localization of this game.In the fact,many Chinese player of steam like this game and the want the Chinese version.(And they would like to pay for the fianl version.)




does anyone have a discord link?thanks alot



Why they not update the game?

(2 edits) (+3)(-2)

Because the prologue of the game is complete.
Besides they not on Patreon anymore because of not being able to make content they wanted to make for the game, and that patreon claimed  that they were making games with incest or loli and flagged them every time, while the creator themself already countless times said to them, that there is no incest or loli in it. So they left Patreon.
Discord is the likely only place for you to try keep up with news on a new sequel to the game, maybe.
Screw Patreon and its content restictions. Its like going to a church and be pitchforked if you try make adult content that resemble things they dont like on Patreon.

ok, thank for telling.

Theres also a release of the game on there eiscord with a little more content aswell, before patreon flagged his stuff.


its funny cuz child groomers like jeffrey marsh are allowed to exist on patreon even when they publicly say what they are doing there

(3 edits)

Maybe, but Patreon has some rules that sometime does not follow correctly, like incest for example. It's one of the reasons they left in the end, because Patreon kept going after them for having incest in the game, when it does not have any. And even then they also went after them for Loli.

Well it has loli. 
But I'll assume you mean children. In which case, yeah there aren't any.

(5 edits) (+1)(-1)

It does not have Loli (Children/ young-like used in porn or romance). They just kept flagging them that they did, without even understanding what they were making in the game. Like understand this, if you made a game that has dwarfs in the game, would you not say they are not a Loli? No of course not, but they would still flagg it for it being Loli, because of them being small.
Fun fact, you can be put up as a pedo for having a relasionship with an adut person that has dwarfism.

Is he aware of subscribestar? Can he get an account there? They tend to not care about this stuff.

(2 edits) (+1)(-1)

Payment methods from that site does not support all types of payment, so they didnt want to take the chance with them. Plus alot of the people supporting them didnt just use  normal payment methods, so they would lose alot of members for it. So instead of trying to switch to a new one, they decided to just leave Patreon and stop getting funded for the game developments. Now they will try do it when they got the time. And for free.

Its not like a church.

Its just capitalist prudes witch hunting

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