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Dragons, slimes, giant bugs, centaurs and more. This island is full of monsters and they are all... Oddly attractive!?
From Elves to Kitsune; from Mermaids to Androids; myths and science fiction suddenly become a reality as you find yourself on this mysterious island.
Will you uncover its secrets?
Or perhaps you will attempt to get close to these Monster Girls?

Story and Characters

You wake up on an island.You don't know how you arrived there.
You quickly realize this island is inhabited, but its residents aren't normal people. In fact, they aren't human at all!
As you meet the residents you learn that the mysteries go even further, these monstrous residents find themselves in the same situation as you. They also arrived to this island under strange circumstances, they actually come... From another world!?

During Prologue you'll meet a variety of Monster Girls including a nekomata, mermaid, elves, slime, dragon, kitsune, arachne, and many more!
Even more girls planned for future releases. Look forward to yuki onna, centaur, lamia, tree girl and more!


  • Adventure based gameplay, feel free to explore the island!
  • Fully 3D world and characters.
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Multiple dialogue choices and branching events.
  • Costume Shop (no microtransactions here!)
  • A smartphone with no signal.
  • A good boy that likes apples.
  • A bunch of crabs.
  • And of course, you can get close to the girls.


Prologue features roughly 1/3rd of the main story (individual girl's routes not taken into account). It serves as an introductory, standalone, experience before the final release of the game (that won't be free and won't be finished for a while).

I've been working on Monster Girl Island for 3+ years, it's been a journey, but after much learning and many re-doings I finally think the game is polished enough for the public. What you see here is what you'll get in the full release, for the most part. So please look forward to Monster Girl Island if you enjoy this first part!

Release date Jun 20, 2019
GenreAdventure, Visual Novel
Made withUnity, Blender, ZBrush, Paint Tool SAI
Tags3D, Adult, Anime, Hentai, monstergirl, NSFW
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Patreon, Twitter, Community


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He sent out a letter to his supporters saying he was through with the politics being played with developers. Said to look for him on Discord or his website, sorry I do not have either to pass on here but a quick search will find him.


Where can we get the latest updates if Redamz is no longer on Patreon (as of a month ago(?)) and hasn't updated here since 2019?

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I searched fuyuko version data. But patreon page is nothing. I  found this site.  chip at 10 dollar and download game. 

Why.  My game data was exactly the same as steam version data. after found 「last update:2019」

I… I made a wasteful purchase? Where is fuyuko? Please , let this be a dream...

How can I donate if Redamz patreon website is under review?

how can i donate if not through patreon?

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is this game still being worked on????

yea it is

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If your Wondering on whats going on With Redamz, and Monster Girl Island, ill post a link to a message From Redamz. Redamz is the Creator of Monster Girl Island.




That's sad but hopefully I'll see it done one day and I look forward to anything else this Dev does.

When I downloaded it, it's a 7z file. There's no folder of any sorts. Did I miss something?

Try different software, like 7-Zip.

What about the Android version ?

no Android version only pc


This looks awesome good job game dev. *claps* 



Are you planning to launch a version for Mac OS in the future?

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Just finished the game, and damn was it great. Is this the latest build available to public? How about the version on steam? If it is, I might consider becoming a patreon to access Chapter 4, although it might be wiser to wait. I want to hear news about the progression of the game overall, but it's difficult to know since the creator is on a hiatus (I think). 

i believe the creator is going through something rn and doesnt know when or if he will continue developing it


For whatever reason I couldn't find this scene. Anyone know which character it is and how to get it?


Her name is currently "Mystery Girl", and you get her scene by not having sex with any of the other girls. 


I hope this game gets updated soon. It has so much potential. 

i believe the creator is going through something rn and doesnt know when or if he will continue developing i


Ok. That's understandable. 

Your pretty well informed if you know that. And the game is 4+ chapters in, but only for Patreon members... And Patreon is being a dick to the Creator trying to get him to change things.

I just pay attention to what’s happening that I can see anyways. I didn’t know about him being bullied by patreon but I think the game is fine. It’s a great game with good scenes

dose the game have some type of gallery to revisit some of the sex scenes?

it does! it right on the main menu

I was messing with the input configuration to see if my controller is supported and now I can't move left or right on the keyboard.  Can you guys post a pic of the default input configurations?


So...it's been a while.  Is there still hope or are there other projects taking Redamz's time and talent? :( 


i believe the creator is going through something rn and doesnt know when or if he will continue developing it


Damn- Hope they are ok and things work out :/


me too I would love to play more of this game

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Finally got a VR capable PC a few days ago.

Been setting it up and getting everything working.

Got around to trying a couple of the lewd scenes tonight and I gotta say Rene's scene was alright, her face looked a bit like it was made of flappy paper in VR and the facial animations were pretty crude but Chumumi's scene sequence was completely stunning. She's my favorite so far easy. But I quite liked Rene too at least in pancake.

But the scene sequence with Chumumi is incredibly beautiful in VR. It's good in pancake but in VR it is completely stunning.

I stopped supporting the Patreon.

Couldn't take the hanging on, waiting for the next meager crumb to drop.

Love this conceptually and like many of the characters a great deal but...

silly question, but, where would i enter my name in right at the beginning? all i see is [done] and nowhere to type (ubuntu mate 20.04)

you just type it in when it asks your nam

yeah.. did that it didnt do anything, 

You have to click on it.


click on what?.... aand i go to do a screen shot to prove that it wont work.. and guess what it does?... it friggen works -_- i guess ive had some OS updates thats fixed it or something

The story is very well-done, not too complex but unique enough to never get boring. The characters are special in their own ways and I love them all (Mako best girl). I felt sad when I completed what has been done so far with the prologue and am excited for more.


Mako is best girl 

Will there be a mobile version?

will there be an paid version (not prologue version but the real game ) on steam or it will always be prologue?

This is one of the best games i ever played with a great mini plot and a nice open world to walk through, 5 stars from me hehe.


halp game keep freezing when i try move 


Found this game being recommended after looking into a vore game. Obligated "Is there any vore content, or any planned?"

i cant unzip the download file??

don't you have winrar or 7-zip? any should do the job.

There are only 8 items required by NPC, When task is delivered bags have 30 items will also be removed all.

when was the last update?


which version is this game?

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Hello. first of all i really like you from the bottom of my heart lol the problem is whenever i run the game after adding name then there's a bunny loading screen after that my screen goes black then white it says app not responding i can hear the sound but I can't see nothing it doesn't respond i tried low setting it worked but only 2-3 seconds after that it crashes and doesn't respond pleeez help thanks.


how do i actually download the game it keeps going to the browser 

yo you poor soul, you probably found this out already but if this doesn't work for you still then try downloading it from steam instead, I personally know for sure it works on steam

okay thanks


pls make prologue available for mac :(

You can try to use wine to run it.


for the love of god can someone describe me the story this was such a mind fuck


oof the full version wont be free i am only allowed to play free games ;-;


If you're not old enough to buy it yourself you shouldn't be playing this.


I really want to play the game this game is my favorite but I have only a mobile phone and no a pc😔! 

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I can't play the game. I can get past the beginning dialogue and everything, but once I can actually move around in the village after talking with Ara and her sister at the start of the game, the game crashes. it keeps doing this and I've reinstalled the game too. it just keeps crashing every time I can move. the longest I've moved was probably 5 to 10 seconds. can anyone help?

I have the same problem as you. I need assistance as well.

Make sure you guys have the file location somewhere outside of ProgramFiles, like on the desktop. Iv heard some bugs arises with other indi games that are stored there.

Make sure you guys have the file location somewhere outside of ProgramFiles, like on the desktop. Iv heard some bugs arises with other indi games that are stored there.


I originally played this game's demo about 2-3 years ago, and I see that it's pretty much the same game. This guy is making a minimum of 12,000$ per month (And yes, he has 12k patrons on patreon, I'm guessing the real number is around 60k from experience) and has done pretty much nothing to develop the game any further. I really hope people stop supporting him until he actually starts getting shit done.

It's been 6 years man, just focus on the actual game instead of random renders on patreon.


Yeah, no sh!%, games good, not gonna lie, but hell, has made almost as much money for production over the years as an actual triple A game's budget for basically little to nothing aside from an introduction.


Really? He's working with a very advanced program, loads of code, is the ONLY one working on it and you expect a lot of results? Making a game isn't an easy thing, doubly so when using a 3d program/render software like this.

I'd like to see you two make a game like this in the same time frame and the money thing? Triple A companies throw a LOT more that what he's making currently at a game they are making every DAY and what do we normally get? Mediocre, run of the mill games for the most part.

I'll tell it to you like this. He said that there was only 6% of chapter 4 left on July 1st. So that means he has made about 180k$ and still hasn't delivered on that 6%. I'm not saying "Oh look at meeee I'm the best developer out there yaaay" I'm saying this guy is making thousands of dollars every single day and giving nothing in return. 


Hmm 6% of chapter 4 left? Have you seen the size of chapter 4? It's supposedly bigger than the previous 3 chapters combined and we all know how long it took him to pump out the first 3...Saying that there's only 6% of a chapter to finish isn't putting the actual size of the chapter into scope, it could 6% of rendering to complete (that shit takes a long time) or it could be 6% of code to complete (again that takes ages, especially if it's just one person) so how about you cut him some slack?

You also missed the point i was trying to make, he's the only one working on this so of COURSE it's going to take him ages to put out chapter 4, he doesn't have a team he can spread the load over to make things go faster.

Are you worried that chapter 4 isn't coming out as fast as you'd like it to? He gave the first 3 chapters out for free for crying out loud, that's more than what a LOT of devs dole out, usually it's just a few missions/scenarios with a demo of the game.


Isn't it actually some sheila? A musician according to my initial receipt?

I love this work.

Just tried a couple of the lude scenes in VR and I gotta say I loved Chumumi in pancake but I was completely blown away by that scene sequence in VR. The other I tried was Rene and it was ok. The facial animation wasn't great and her face looked like its made of paper. But that was after the Chumumi scene which was just amazingly beautiful, completely stunning.

But embiz is making a very valid point and frankly if Redamz was not making quite so much money off this perhaps it would get done? As it is the money will stop once it is done and there's no guarantee the next concept will capture peoples imaginations the way MGI has and that's gotta weigh heavily on a person.

I only stopped supporting when Redamz said he/she was taking a break. I would really like to see how this ends but I wonder if it will?...

Even though Redamz took a break, he/she stopped all patreon payments, so its been free for serveral months


From what I've read, he has almost completed chapter 4, which is allegedly larger than the first 3 chapters combined. That's A LOT of content, especially considering he's working on this all alone: and coding the whole thing, rather than rendering some 3D pictures and animations to shove in renpy as most visual novels do (which is quite some work too, I'm sure, but definitely not the same thing). Not sure if/when it will become available (I'm not one of the patreon supporters) but I'm sure we'll hear news soon.

I'd say let's cut the guy some slack: the first three chapters were VERY long, and he gave the whole thing for free. All the money he's getting, he deserved.

I'll reply to you too. On July 1st he said that there was 6% of chapter 4 left. The rest were done. So that means he made about 180$ and still hasn't completed that 6%. I had very high hopes for this game when I first played it, but he still hasn't delivered anything.

I started learning Unity about 9 months ago and 3D modelling and animation a few months back. I don't think this is as hard to do as you believe? The creative process from the human perspective can be tricky of course but I certainly hope I can produce far more than Redamz has in six years. Hopefully we will see?

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Please stop being Irresponsible, its one individual, doing all the work, and the only reason most people can only see the Prologue is because is because they aren't supporting that individual.

Besides have you ever done coding for a game, by the sounds of it, not likely. It can get quite complicated, extremely complex for anything more than simple games, besides its extememly time consuming. And Redamz does all the artwork, graphics, animations, coding, story, messages, hell even the bug fixes(thats fucking hard and time consuming, i would know), and i believe even the music...... Of course its going to take years.

(You know most people have a life, don't have unlimited free time, and require sleep.) besides its mentally fatiguing doing all that work all by yourself, and stressful, people need to take breaks.

I noticed the old version was on mac, why isnt this one too?

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So, played through the entire thing thus far, and well... let's just say, I left this game with more fetishes than I did going into it. Other than that, I honestly don't have anything negative to say about this, every character has a unique personality. If anything, one of my few complaints is that it sucks that there are characters in this game in which you cannot seduce or be seduced by. However, there was quite a nice mix of characters to "play" with, including a Slime Girl, a Kitsune, an Elf, another Elf (whom of which I don't want anything to do with now, not into Watersports), and a shark-mermaid girl (of whom I really like now).

So yeah, a solid 8/10, could use some SERIOUS improvements to the dialogue, I don't know of many people that use the word "rectum" in a flirtatious way or the word "anus" in a flirtatious way. Usually people just say "ass", cause like... I dunno, saying something like "spread my rectum" sounds weird.

Also, that ending blew my fucking mind. Well worth the 30 minutes to 1 hour of item gathering "quests" (one of which was completely pointless)

i cant seem to get the game to start, ive downloaded it a few times but i cannot find the game start icon in the file.

(I don't think this is it but) It might be your anti-virus blocking some files like the exe to start the game, i had this before but re-dowloading usually solved mine :/

ive downloaded it a few times like 6 and most of the time i see the same launcher but it doesn't appear the next time i view it, hopefully that's the issue. thanks

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You can try downloading this from steam, it is on there.

ive installed it from steam many times but i keep getting the same issue "An error occurred while updating monster girl island: prologue (missing Executable)"

I really wish i could help with more but i can't think of anything, MAYBE use different program than winrar? like 7Zip. Doubt that will save you with the exe but i don't know :/. I really want you to play this greatness.

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