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When will the main story be created?

Keep it up devs


only took ten thousand year

Milking that cow dry af.


I would like to see the installer be compatible with the itch application.

On a side note, the audacity of people who expect technical content for free despite creators working on it for years is deplorable. You want games of this magnitude for free? Then make them yourselves.

Looking forward to paying for and playing the final game(s).


This. Even a Torrent would be fine, considering it's a 2GB download.

Can't get past the the first few lines of text in the first event before it crashes

Only the prologue free. but the rest in the future won't.

We will discuss this anomaly

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y no for Windows?? please make it for windows and if not then what can I get it on?? and is it free because I can't  see is because it not available for windows! *sigh* please reply back

edit: just saw it and it wont be free... I am sad but hope it is low price, if nah then... I'ma have to gives up...


There's only 1 download and it's for windows.
This is free.

ok so I am at it and I press download, but it no download, why??


The game is gosted in MEGA. You have to download it from there. The download link takes you directly to the MEGA website.

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