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hello redamz, when will the game be finished I liked it a lot ;v

is there any femdom elements?


yo, is this still being made


redamnz said it still is but we don't know how much more has been added in the discord they have version  44.3

can this be played in joiplay for andriod


My game keeps soft locking me at the beach mission where you collect fish coconuts, and crabs, i collect them and givem to her she tells me to go to to the lake but when i try to ophelia tells me i have more to do. anybody know how i can get out of this soft lock help please! 



i wouldn't know. i have not encountered that issue but if it persists then load an older save. 


hmmm, I gave this game a try and aside from a few issues, it was good. however after seeing what the below postings are saying, I thought it was abandoned.  I managed to find the discord channel with a version 44.3.  I truly hope this game hasnt been swept under the rug. the last post for updates was 5/2021.

I'll give a review after the download finishes and Ive given it a go

How was it?

definitely interesting, not alot of special bits. the end of the update was to say in the lease.... displeasing.

the controls are definitely on the janky side, the girls info board is far too small to make out anything.  it has many twists in the plot and is difficult to keep the storyline straight.  however, I still have high hopes this should be (or could be) a favorite game.

would love to see some special love scenes come up more.  my current playthrough, I counted 4 or 5. the ball busting wasnt to my liking, and the fondling i didnt include,

I'll keep playing around with the game to try other choices, but so far, 3 of 5 stars on my review board


You're as beautiful as the day I lost you...

nice httyd 2 reference.

Ha! It work in android wahahaha


Game hasnt updated in over a year +.  Now he just uses twitter to retweet (good) artwork and that discord chanel to talk about genshin... But hey! 

He says he still developing the game though! (No proof of such thing)


Happy new year 2022, MGI still in development and going well, try asking it less this year,, thats whats redamz said in the discord


Still no proof of there being any development. Many people have speculated that Redamz says that to keep the "True Believers" paying. I feel like if development was going well he would show at least a screenshot to refute those claims


I have to agree with this. at least some form of information on development. it even looks dead on steam too.


this is just the prologue you can get a more recent version of the game on his patreon


The patreon page has been shut down for almost a year at this point

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that's what redamz said on discord,, he's already working on the pinna model, and it's been uploaded on his twitter,,,


That tweet is from 2021.. You'd think that if the last release was from 2020 they'd have more than just a model to show for progress. Really do hope I'm proven wrong in the future and the guy releases a full game out of nowhere, but it seems VERY unlikely.


You guy's do know that in the discord you can a newer version with 2 new scenes right? I know only 2 but they are really good\


That was a year ago


Pueden poner la opción de multi lenguaje


I wish I had a better pc to be able to play good in the game. I can't catch any fish in the fastest mode


I wish the Dev a good day, Patreon is dumb and i would love to see more of the game.

will wait


how can i support? the patreon page is closed.


I think the guys from Patreon closed his profile or something…



I'm gonna be honest with you, you shouldn't. There are other creators that have been putting in the work so much more than this guy. His idea was great but his execution and handle of it is very poor. Look up other creators and you'll find better ones with constant support.

The reason for his closure on Patreon was because patreon wanted him to change the sissters from being sissters.


I once saw part of a video of the final part of this game (I'm not going to say how it was so as not to spoil it) but it was different from the final part of the game downloaded here.

So, does anyone know where I can find the full version of the game?

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You can go on the discord server to find the newest version of the game, send bugs or just say hello. I downloaded my version on discord.


Maybe you could post a link to the discord server? That could help the devs... and me admitedly...


the newest version was march or april of last year


Here is the discord server, have fun ;)




i love this game so much! please keep completing it!


The prologue itself is so rich and have too many leads that i find it impossible for 1 man to cover the entire project to its full version.

Or my grandchildren will have to read it full for me if they want cookies in Christmas Eve


How exactly do you launch the game in VR mode?


anyone know where i can see the game saves in case i want to save my progress and store the data?


Anybody know how to fix this error? :(


Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I was a patreon a while ago and got sent the discord in my dm from redamz and now somehow it's gone. Does anybody know how I can still join the discord?



It's been 3 years, since the release of The Prologue of Monster Girl Island... Can anybody tell me when's The Full Game's release?


Or maybe 2... I dunno!

Deleted 80 days ago

i think that too

its sad but it happen


do you have any idea how long something like this takes? and he stopped patreon so he has to work too, so chill out and play some other games while you wait.


I do, i play Champion Of The Realm, an other great game, you should ceck it out now on made by Zimon Coldres if i remember correctly.


You have to join the discord for the newest version. Haven't tried it yet, but I joined the channel and the link to the most recent version was posted May 1st this year (2021) and also Halloween bonus content was appended to that post May8th.



if you go to 'more information' above and hit the 'community' link there, it'll take you to:


Thanks for that.


welp i dont know whats the deal with the dev but first off im gay and second off the game was too slow and laggy on my laptop so he can succ ma pen is i suppose 


dude you can turn the settings down if its lag


did not work professor


Sound like you have a shitty laptop


Sounds like a real "you" problem


you have a shit computer, and your gay great literally no one cares or even asked if you don't like the game that's fine but stop starting flame wars in the comment section.

Is there a second part to the game?  or stopped?

Still in development and if you can find an official Discord server invite, I'm sure you can find information on how to get the latest acts that are semi-released.  Still, a slow chug on new updates as this is a one-man passion project.



lol its been a while since i came across here


I left a comment more than a year ago, telling people to stop supporting this game. I said that the creator said "Only %6 is left of Chapter 4" on July 1st, 2020. It has since been almost a year and a half. The creator made at a minimum of 144 thousand dollars on patreon (They kept an average of 12 thousand patrons per month and from what I saw in the discord tons of people were pledging high amounts, they probably made around 400-500 thousand dollars in that time)
Just want to put that into perspective. Allegedly 6% left, 15 months, around half a million dollars.
The creator was only after the money. Since they got kicked off of Patreon in May, they have not posted a single update.
And before you come with "Oh it's only one person making the game of course it's gonna take a long time" please ask yourself, why is it one person? A person who was making 40 thousand dollars a month, are you telling me they couldn't hire ANY help if they really wanted to make the game "for the fans"?


50 / 50 bro we cant tell correctly . but still their game is Masterpiece


Yeah man, I supported this ages ago. Even bought on Steam when that dropped. Then mentioned my concerns in a thread on their Steam community page a number of months ago and was insta banned lmao. Game was awesome, but they just milking people now.

you didnt buy it on Steam, I still have it on Steam and was there when it 'dropped'. It was free then, its free now, and still the same unfinished version.

Kinda hard to scam a free version. the full game has never been released to purchase.

Ah, my mistake. Been a long time, and I worded my comment poorly. I GOT it on Steam then. But either way the thousands of people that were paying out on Patreon for ages waiting for something new to drop were scammed; and anyone who is still holding out hope for a new release is wasting their time. Dude isn't going to go ghost for over a year before getting kicked off of Patreon, then keep working on it for free afterwards. They only occasionally say something on their twitter about a release when it's finished to satiate people so less go around crying that they supported for a year with no return of investment.



We spoke about it on Steam forums when it released, and every 6months or so i think we necro'd it.

Dev never made a statement, but yes, longer it goes, harder it is to defend.

I got banned from Steam for pointing out the mods were the SJW trolls doing the triggering and the banning, 

so havent checked (er cant) in a long time.

Gaming platforms are in for a big change soon, world wont deal well with the sort of censorship that is going on.

So lookin for new tech like Itch and GoG to see if they fill the void thats about to come.

New World(Amazon)/Steam thing is going to change the industry with big tech help come january.

Censorship will go into overdrive.  

sorry, a bit off topic, 

but I feel, still informative.

Exciting times indeed, curious to see where civilization is heading to.

For my part I know the latest game is on discord but I drop it, I will come back a year or two later, if nothing change I don't care, there is other good games.

I hope the dev is okay and is not a scammer.


The average person supporting this game is a single digit IQ virgin that can't even tell when they are being scammed by an actual piece of living garbage. You are all pathetic losers.


oh look a retard


Scam me harder, daddy. 

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Scammed how?  I'm not familiar with the dev, or even the game in general, I just came across this on itch.  You describe his as a piece of living garbage, can you explain why you have such a strong opinion of him?

umm.. sorry for intruding in on the conversation, but the person above us stated the reason

embiz that is

you took the time to not only post a comment but call everyone else on this site a quote "low IQ virgin" to which I retort projection much.


i find this game very unappealing 

Visually game looks ok, just characters feels weird

there is tons of busywork content that you can't skip

game constantly insult you for playing

or give you option to refuse stupid slime gun content just to insult you and force you do it anyway

your character is complete pushover, always do what they told

experience is more than frustrating

i suggest trying something else

of i almost forgot MANDATORY non lewd dream sections got me running in the forest mass effect 3 flashback, total shit! 


2019......Is it the latest version? I sponsored $5 and I expect its finished version,come on! I will always support u and MGI! 

Deleted 125 days ago

Discord? I cant find MGI.....Did I search wrong? What should we input when search? Thanks

Deleted 125 days ago
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It's on Steam now, for free

Deleted 125 days ago
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Steam version is not up to date, in case you haven't found it yet, here's the discord link (hope this isn't against any rules):


How to play vr scenes now in 2021?


SO uh, guys is defiantly making the game. He posted an update in may saying he left patreon and hes going to post it to steam when he finishes the game. Please go to his twitter before saying he isnt making the game.

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He's been saying he's been making a game for years now while milking his patreons for up to 40k per month.

Patreon was probably looking for any excuse to terminate this guy so they wouldn't get any more requests from his Patreons for refunds from this scam artist.


games take time to make, especially when its not a fully staffed team


For anyone who is wondering if this game is still alive, welp it's not. So don't get your hopes up and don't waste your money. Last update was in 2019, the dev is not working on it anymore probably. also, you can find it on steam and see the comments there as well.

Good luck!


I'm writing this because I also paid money for it lol


The game is very much still alive and being worked on, so stop spreading misinformation.


Oh phew. I was worried this was a scam virus or something. It looked too good to be true. Even if it isn't finished yet.

Spoilers don't read if you have not finished prologue.

Is this prologue going to end where Cyclops girl (I forgot her name) is revealed to be the main villain who framed you. Then it just stops there in a cliff hanger. Depending if you chose to escape the prison it may end somewhere else. But is this the version that ends after trial. Because I already have that one.

Deleted 125 days ago

Alright. Has the longer version gotten more content? Version I have stops after the trial. At what point the current version that is available stops at the moment?

Deleted 125 days ago

I have been really inactive in community. What is SMILF?

Deleted 125 days ago

Excuse me,where can I get the latest version?

Deleted 125 days ago

I kinda wish there was a mobile version... Though I love monster girl island and most of the girls from the beginning... Haven't had the chance to play past the opening with the two sisters... And that's from the steam version of mgi...

I sponsored 5 dollars, can I play interlude next level

MGI Prologue-Is there a way to configure the keyboard? I'm a wimpy left hander.


Here's the latest build on patreon dated may 1st 2021

i spent all that time and it didnt work

worked for me

what platform are you on?

i got it to work i had asked someone in the discord


no worries

How do i join the discord server? I tried with many invitations but It just doesn't let me enter, is the server closed or something?


is this same as the steam version..?

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