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Finish the game

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For our MGI-inspired Game, there was a problem with our last link! Here is the new one, Welcome and enjoy :)

These people are serious 💀

and i love it

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tempted to get a team of people to remake this game (Granted, a lot would change to avoid legal troubles) tbh granted I cant code worth  shit 

any coders wanna help? xd

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heyy!! lets bring this game back, i will code!! xD


ayo?! Is this seriously about to happen?!

I can't code myself or I would help code, but can we create a Discord for those who want to help or check for updates?


I was joking about this but like...give me a sec


I could do story-writing, I'm pretty creative and know English so well I can translate better than grammarly.


I could help too! I know a bit of coding and I'd be glad to help! Tho the invite has expired so I'd appreciate it if you sent another one lol

hey the link no longer works

Jo if this is still ongoing, I'm quite good at coding, especially in Unity. if you want i can help aswell

I don't have much experience but i want to help in any way i can

Ive got loads of cash to fund it set up a group and inv me 

Fr? maybe then they can probably hire 3D artists to create models in a blender.


i want to join the serv

Again: click my profile for a link



You do realise the game is not dead right?

Redamz simply moved off of discord and thanks to donations of the past, is able to finish the game on his own time.

Yes, I've realized that.. But instead of remaking the game, We've decided  to just do something of our own thing.

Sounds like he's just lazy

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I liked the game story too much I don't know why it's sequel never came. Man.....I really wanna play it's sequel the prologue suspense in the end was unexpected. Please man think again on creating a sequel for this........It acks to think that the game was abandoned mid way, the game looked soo Man please create a sequel. It's the first _game in which I loved the storyline and this is how it ends, it's feels even worse than what it felt at the end of ONE PUNCH MAN season 2.

Please re consider!!!

Love this work. Keep working, God Bless.....

(and please re-consider Please!!)

Please send me the Discord Link!!

is there an active discord server? i see some links in the comments but it always gives me an error when i try to use the invite... it-s been a while since the last time i played this game, thanks


Do you know if there are going to be any android versions? Tried to use it on Joiplay, but it doesn't work. It looks like a cool game

yeah the games is good i the history is one of that you cant skip and still enjoy it but sadly the creator got some issues on patreon by reports and stopped the progress on doing the game



One of the tragedies of many promising H games


I love how it's been literal years since an update from this game. The discord is equally sad, mainly used as a porn sharing server.

Can the devs please add an android port

same what’s the discord link ? 

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Anyone able to send the link of MGI discord? Other links have expired or  unable to accept invite.


this is a dead game last i knew. I followed and contributed to this project along time ago. Last i knew he was no longer going to continue with creating this.

dude i saw a video on this game or the old version years ago but i couldent find the game and now ive found it


Add Turkish language


has this gotten updated recently I haven't played it in awhile and was wondering if I should redownload it?

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no update but if you want go the the discord to get the patreon version which has a additional chapter than the Steam version and the halloween edition

is there a link in game? or can you send me one to it

Sorry for really late reply just search up the name and type in discord

Anyone able to send the link of MGI discord? Other links have expired. Thanks!


Could someone send me the link of the discord?

Old links have expired


so will this still be worked on? or is it off becuase of the patreon thing. i liked it, though i would've liked to be in more control. but the ending was so fucked, not satisfying at all. if this is being fully made somewhere id love information about where. 


Ok,this message is useless for people who don't use Chinese.But I want find the group of Chinese localization.I wanna help the Chinese localization of this game.In the fact,many Chinese player of steam like this game and the want the Chinese version.(And they would like to pay for the fianl version.)




does anyone have a discord link?thanks alot


Why they not update the game?

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Because the prologue of the game is complete.
Besides they not on Patreon anymore because of not being able to make content they wanted to make for the game, and that patreon claimed  that they were making games with incest or loli and flagged them every time, while the creator themself already countless times said to them, that there is no incest or loli in it. So they left Patreon.
Discord is the likely only place for you to try keep up with news on a new sequel to the game, maybe.
Screw Patreon and its content restictions. Its like going to a church and be pitchforked if you try make adult content that resemble things they dont like on Patreon.

ok, thank for telling.

Theres also a release of the game on there eiscord with a little more content aswell, before patreon flagged his stuff.


its funny cuz child groomers like jeffrey marsh are allowed to exist on patreon even when they publicly say what they are doing there

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Maybe, but Patreon has some rules that sometime does not follow correctly, like incest for example. It's one of the reasons they left in the end, because Patreon kept going after them for having incest in the game, when it does not have any. And even then they also went after them for Loli.

Well it has loli. 
But I'll assume you mean children. In which case, yeah there aren't any.

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It does not have Loli (Children/ young-like used in porn or romance). They just kept flagging them that they did, without even understanding what they were making in the game. Like understand this, if you made a game that has dwarfs in the game, would you not say they are not a Loli? No of course not, but they would still flagg it for it being Loli, because of them being small.
Fun fact, you can be put up as a pedo for having a relasionship with an adut person that has dwarfism.

Is he aware of subscribestar? Can he get an account there? They tend to not care about this stuff.

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Payment methods from that site does not support all types of payment, so they didnt want to take the chance with them. Plus alot of the people supporting them didnt just use  normal payment methods, so they would lose alot of members for it. So instead of trying to switch to a new one, they decided to just leave Patreon and stop getting funded for the game developments. Now they will try do it when they got the time. And for free.

Its not like a church.

Its just capitalist prudes witch hunting

does anyone have a discord link?

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que pena que abandonaram o jogo


game dead ?


it's sad it will never get a update. i wanted to see more.   T^T

welcome Discord)

do you have a discord link?


Honestly it's a great game, even aside the pxrn. It's got serious plot and well written characters. I personally believe the game will be worthy of a SFW release too because the story alone is captivating so far. One tip to the developer for the time being is to add some recurring scenes after finishing the story (like, idk, the option to repeat the scene with Range any other night after the story) because after completion, the whole game feels like a mental prison. The characters you once formed bonds with are now nothing but a mesh rigged to give you the same automated responses forever till the end of time  (reference intended).


I really want to have sex with ara the cat girl she's my fav

how can I buy the full game please tell m

its probably still in development

are there any builds on the discord or is everything on patreon

He posted the last build that was on patreon in his discord earlier this month

do you have a discord link?



Hey, if someone found a similar project like this one, please, feel free to share ; )

Please update

I think Redamz and Komisari are racing to see who can take longer to update their game.

Well, Komisari lost then


Christmas patch in April doesn't count lmao

He's doing the exact  same shit that ICSTOR did with milfy city, taking his sweet ass time to upload tiny crumb updates and seasonal patches to keep people on the hook. Although I think Komisari has finally realized he's going to start losing money if he doesn't start updating (only took him 2 years to make a Christmas patch, and missed every deadline he's promised that whole time)

His simps have been "why do you care" but he's making the tune of 6000 dollars a month to play genshin impact lol


Is this game still in development?

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i like this game. so thats it


to all the people that said the creator was just using this as a cash grab you may be correct and wrong as at the beginning of this year in his discord he made a announcement, in that announcement he said this "

I've been pretty silent this year, sorry about that. I hope I'll be able to show what I've been working on soon. It's a small experiment that might shape the future of the world and characters introduced in MGI. That's all I can say for now." so there are 2 possibilities one he is gaining more people on to his patreon to scam or 2021/22 was just a slow year/he was busy so dont give up on hope yet. This is the current discord link.

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I think people are more mad at the lack of information cus u know besides saying "sex" or sending a gif we don't have any idea of what the dev is doing


This guy has the right idea, if he would give even a small amount of info about the content everyone would be satisfied at least a little.

he can't be doing this to farm patreon money. he actually cancelled patreon for everyone involved with it at the begining of 2022.


he didn't cancel it, he broke the Patreon terms of service and agreement so it was forcefully taken down

he actually did cancel it, you were still able to see the mgi patreon page for a week after he stated he is refunding people the current month pledge. yes patreon was looking into him, but HE removed it

Deleted 224 days ago

If you don't know how to unzip a file then you waaayyy too young to be playin this game

it appears they were to young, lol

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