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Been playing this on Steam, great game.


cant wait for simple, "After Demo" Activities to happen... 

I know right

I like how this game is not that great, but i can still enjoy its stupidness

How do I get the last scene in the gallery? The one below Mako 2 and to the right of Eris. I can't seem to figure it out..

Think of "No Nut November"



Well, my gpu is now dead.... I dont know wtf happened but now i must buy a new gpu. I didnt  know this game was so heavy on the gpu.... Well, even so.... the game's awesome. (sorry if my english is bad)

Your English is great.


how "close"? like just naughty or like 18+?


Big +18 ;

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made my gpu go to 102% power just on the main menu... no clue what the hell happened but i don't think it's meant to do that (on highest and lowest settings)

lewd ;)


At first it felt slow because of not being able to speed up or "skip" dialogue bits but over time with more characters it got very enjoyable. I'm definitely going to pay attention for updates or further expansions. :)



this game blew my expectations! cannot wait for more!

are there only 2 drone locations, will there be more like the 1 at the beach?

This Game is so good.  You are a master Redamz.  When will the sequel come?

Been following the progress of the game for so long now and i really like how everything turned out so far.

Took a look at the latest update and i suspect plot twist!


Honestly I first found out about this and played it when you released it on steam, and honestly just wanna say again that this is beautiful and amazing with what you've done so far! Please keep up the amazing work ❤

Amazing game!
Will the costumes be added without any clothes?)


That would be cool! Especially if they have been active accompanying cutscene)

I really need to kill the bitch with rabbit ears is no longer a simple will is a necessity


Man I hope I can aqcuire the full game soon. Really exceeded my expectation. So you can take my money.

cant open the game 

Make sure you have winrar or 7z installed if you downloaded it via the itch app

i do it trys to open but then says error

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I know nobody will care, and some of those who don't might still insult me for saying this, but...

As long as you rename MGI_Data\Plugins\AudioPluginDearVR.dll to something else (with a suffix different from .dll) or just delete it, this game even works on Windows XP Pro x64 Edition (without VR, obviously). Quite amazing, considering that its system requirements are "Windows 10" in regard to the OS, at least on Steam.

But hey, it's compiled for NT 5.2 64-bit (XP x64, Server 2003 x64), so the platform toolset is likely v140_xp or v141_xp, and it even offers a Direct3D 9.0c renderer (although... Why not go with OpenGL? Version 4.5 is available on XP x64 with the last nVidia drivers, and it can do much more than D3D9 can).

But anyway, I'm quite surprised. Your platform compatibility is pretty amazing, even if you might not even know it yourself. ;)

Also, I welcome your choice to exclude DRM. I could download this game on Steam on Windows 10 x64, then copy it over to XP x64 and just play it there after renaming said DLL. No SteamStub DRM, no Steam API DRM. Awesome!

So, just for that, I'll definitely buy the full version once available (or maybe even an earlier instance).

Thanks! :)

PS.: How/where can I send you a crash dump? If you're interested, I can send you one with the stock version of the game, so with MGI_Data\Plugins\AudioPluginDearVR.dll still in place.

DearVR, despite the name, is not a VR-only plugin. It's for 3D audio with depth, used for more immersion. This is especially noticeable in the mystery girl voiced scene which has some "asmr" qualities to it.
It's good to hear the game can run without it though. But it's still better with it.

Ah, I see. I guess I'll try and compare the audio on my XP x64 and my Win10 x64 box just to see what kind of difference it makes.

Thanks! :)


I believe I played this or something like this about 2 years ago if I'm not mistaken it was a project on a crowd-funding website if this is the result of that you've come far man, also do you have a patreon that people might be able to support you monthly with? I'd be interested in helping 


Yes ! He's got one : ;)


i added this wish i had sound but if anyone knows where i can get the full version 

plz let me know

I've played and enjoyed this prologue of monster girls island and can't wait for full games release Wil be getting it haha. Keep up this great work.. 

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My game keeps getting stuck on a loading screen after the encounter where Ara and the bunny girl talk(in the interlude) and I have no idea on how to fix this.

I just found out that I can use the map and I can move a bit but it's still a loading screen after 5 minutes.

Ok playing on windowed mode trough it fixes it. Great game with a few bugs tho.


Really good game. Wish it was fully voice acted but whatever.
It does need more audio sounds effects. Like footsteps for player and characters and more for the close to girls parts...heh. Perhaps a shadow of the player character. Just to make it more like you are there and not a floating camera.  
Can't wait for the rest of it. I'd pay 60 bucks for it. You deserve it. 

(Downloaded from STEAM)

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I have a question, what about the scene of the mysterious girl that appears after the character goes to sleep, is it bugeada or not available? because I see it in videos but when I want to take it out I do not get it and like it turns blue and then white and only sees it and from there it jumps to the next scene from outside, someone could help me with that

Deleted 1 year ago

I'll check the saveload bug, but you have to inspect the slime puddle before you can leave.

Deleted 357 days ago

The game is fantastic, have already play it, I can see the heart well put in it, the girls, how they move and expressions, the story line, the wolf ride mechanics loved it! and petting Adeline mechanics? amazing! 

Don't know how long it will take but take as much time as you need, all be waiting to buy the full release on steam, thanks for making such a great game.


me again, and.. who ever made it so I can download it... thank you uwu
I am so happy, and if it was cuase the update then I still happy, I just happy to play the game, anyways, it's done downloading so I'm gonna play, cya!


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how much will be the game's cost?

Deleted 253 days ago

Here and Steam.

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How much will be the game's cost? Keep up the good work btw

Deleted 253 days ago

When will the main story be created?

Keep it up devs


only took ten thousand year

Milking that cow dry af.


I would like to see the installer be compatible with the itch application.

On a side note, the audacity of people who expect technical content for free despite creators working on it for years is deplorable. You want games of this magnitude for free? Then make them yourselves.

Looking forward to paying for and playing the final game(s).


This. Even a Torrent would be fine, considering it's a 2GB download.

Can't get past the the first few lines of text in the first event before it crashes

Only the prologue free. but the rest in the future won't.

We will discuss this anomaly

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y no for Windows?? please make it for windows and if not then what can I get it on?? and is it free because I can't  see is because it not available for windows! *sigh* please reply back

edit: just saw it and it wont be free... I am sad but hope it is low price, if nah then... I'ma have to gives up...


There's only 1 download and it's for windows.
This is free.

ok so I am at it and I press download, but it no download, why??


The game is gosted in MEGA. You have to download it from there. The download link takes you directly to the MEGA website.

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