A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made for Ludum Dare 48.

You find yourself in an elevator with a cute girl. The elevator goes down, very deep.

Scenario and Character model by Redamz

Props and stage model by Deccu

2D art by Zantetsu0ni

Music by Monmu

What's code?

The secret ending is in the title graphics.


The Elevator.zip 211 MB
the elevator mac.app.zip 220 MB
OST 272 MB


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:( slot machine no work. me get 333 but say me lose, although in hindsight she did say that it was impossible to win


Hello there!

I had fun playing this game along a few other over this stream:

Interesting story. Any plans for Steam release?


how do i download it onto my hp laptop??

by downloinding it via the downalod butten

Show post...

Hentai game?


no lol


no. no it is not. It's a Hen-time to die game


how long is to complete all endings?

nice :D

anyone know how to fix the res?


Headcanon: Floor -69 is the floor where Helltaker girls hang out

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well my headcanon it's a memorial of Michael Rosen, the "nice" guy. *laughs in reddit*

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Really fun game. I thought the deepest level was very clever. The attendant was very cute and some of the other characters were really scary! Thanks for making this!

The story was awsome I love the mixture between Purgatory, 7 Deadly Sins, and its own curve to the Afterlife, excited to get all the endings! 

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

This Game Actually Created 1 years ago. and rainbow friend made in 11/14/2021 please don't report this game. you actually roblox player and you don't know about these game. see the date was created before complain. thank you


i had the idea before the game was posted tho- 馃拃 (i posted it because i could, and plus, it gonna have a dlc too so that way they can have a chapter 2 concept)

Deleted 1 year ago


funny show



How to resize the UI? i can't choose other choices because of the resolution is too long

Do any other mac users get the "unsupported file format" error when they try to unzip the file?

FInd an app that extracts .zip files.  

7zip might work if they have a Mac version.  

There's a bug that prevents the slot machine dialog appearing when the game is not running in it's intended resolution (i.e. 4K). Could you fix? i had to delete my config file from the registry

How do i open it to play? Its just a zip file and I dont know how to use computers well ;-;

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You double-click(known as opening) the file & drag the folder to wherever you please, like the desktop. from there you open the folder & "The Elevator.exe" is the file you should open. Enjoy the depths of hell your time.

I am surprised that so many benign naming floors seem to be so horrific, I am not even sure which floor I could say is the scariest. Waiting Room alone is a horrific location to end up in, to think you would be eternally waiting, losing your sense of being, sitting there eternally. It鈥檚 all so horrific.

Great game, and a real challenge to work out some of the endings you could get.

Loved this game! Cute and funny but still very much horror. The art was awesome! Check out my gameplay of this and if you enjoy it please subscribe!

I love this game, its very fun

this the best game to play on this app love it!


I was hoping for an ending where you flatter the Elevator girl and spend eternity with her. Cause dang she鈥檚 cute!


That is disgusting! i wasnt hoping-


Y'know, while Ending 6 is already reserved, Ending 9 isn't... I'm sure there could be an ending for floor -69, but I'm not gonna count on it...

Very interesting and fun game, I really enjoyed it!

I just want to see what the shoes/boots the girl is wearing

well the simple flat ankle boots.

I think she might be easy to cosplay.


comfy game


what about -69 floor (doge)


          Hit me


Earth being the worst is just mind boggling. Fun game

hits far to close to home for me.


This game was amazing, I loved it!!

(2 edits) (+1)

I might be quite late to the party but still loved it :) 




i love this game so i made a anime enjoy it!

I  love this game so much and I don't know why. I keep on coming back to it. I hope there are more games of this genre/type.

I downloaded the mac version and it says that I don't have permission. Please help me out

settings then security. you should see an allow button but that's just what i remember


Nice game, especially like how it has a fully functioning food bar. Exactly what we need.

Seriously though, please keep up the unique work you do 馃榿

I've managed to download the mac version but I can't open it. do you know how to fix it?

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im clicking that slot machine lever and it isnt working can there be a way to fix the problem(the play and leave buttons wont show up) and my resolution seems to automatically go to widescreen each time i start the game since the first..

heres hoping for floor 69 dlc


I really enjoyed this game.

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