A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made for Ludum Dare 48.

You find yourself in an elevator with a cute girl. The elevator goes down, very deep.

Scenario and Character model by Redamz

Props and stage model by Deccu

2D art by Zantetsu0ni

Music by Monmu

What's code?

The secret ending is in the title graphics.


The Elevator.zip 211 MB
the elevator mac.app.zip 220 MB
OST 272 MB


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I really loved this game its really well done, ive only played once but I will defenetly play again to see the other outcomes

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The game was fun and I enjoyed the subtle hints at the true nature of "The Elevator" as I played. However, it was also a bit tedious when it came to getting all the endings, so here's my personal guide for anyone who was struggling to get them like me:

  • Ending 1: Pester the Elevator Girl with annoying questions at every opportunity.
  • Ending 2: Accept the job offer when prompted.
  • Ending 3: Keep playing the slot machine many times until she suggests you to stop.
  • Ending 4: Press "444" on the panel right in the beginning.
  • Ending 5: Give answers that mainly involve eating, especially not giving up your tongue.
  • Ending 6: Accept the offer to trade places.
  • Ending 7: Somehow the HARDEST one to get with the most ambiguous conditions, but my theory is that you have to barely avoid all the previous endings and yet still get enough "sin points" to trigger this ending (e.g. pester the Elevator Girl 2 times in the beginning, but not enough to trigger the first ending, etc). Personally, the sole variable that tripped me up was pulling the slot machine's lever just enough times (around 7?) before moving on to the other floors.
  • Ending 8: Don't trigger any of the other endings by doing the opposite of the previously mentioned instructions and you'll get this one pretty easily.

Oh, and here's my playthrough with all the endings if you're lazy and don't mind listening to some jackass talking over the gameplay!

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Question, when I open the game the window is really small. But when I try alt+enter it makes the resolution fuzzy and bad. How can I fix this? (I'm on windows)

Well, that was fun! I'm doing an all-endings run. It gets a little tedious in the long run but hey, that's the theme haha


Late to the party, but this game's adorable in its design and humor, so I had to do it anyway. Thanks for sharing it with us, my dude!


The wiggling!  So cute

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Elevator Girl kinda cute tho

ok for the floor 0 final ending i feel like they might have changed it up a little, because oh wow you get to be reborn is somehow a punishment, i mean life is supposed to have a little suffering in it, it would only be truly bad if it were 100% torture, or 100% happiness and smiling, you need both


Please, do ANDROID version of this game.

I found this game to be endearing. I did the best I could to play this game staying true to myself to get what I personally would be my OWN fate If I was put into this predicament.  This game freaked me out a bit when you play this game true to your own beliefs. I thought I was going to suffer, no spoilers, but I think I think the Elavator girl really did pick the best Floor just for [0] me.


Some questions about screen fit - the game is supposed to be in a 'phone-esque' vertical ratio. Try Alt+Enter to force it. We're aware of the screen size issue that affects some people (it's a unity thing). 

alt+enter dosent work on mac , do you know any other combination that works on mac ?

I cant see all the questions when she asks me. it doesnt fit me screen.

Lol where are the button is this a bug or something? or is my screen size?

Are u able to use the slot machine ? , cause this is how it looks for me.

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I am on a macbook pro , and no matter what i do i am unable to pull the lever on the slot machine , is this a bug or i am just doing something wrong ? 


Please make an android version.

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Hands down one of the best indie game I've ever played, and to think that it was done in 48 hours and it's completely free! What looks like a simple and straightforward game actually hides some very deep and phylosophical messages. I played it with my friend over a Discord call and we istantly got hooked and got through all of the endings. Everything about the game was simply spot on: the ambience, the art, the music, all fit together perfectly. All of the endings made us stop to think about what their deeper meaning could be and make connections, as a lot of people have already said, with the seven deadly sins. The game is very short so definately give it a go, it will surely be worth your time.


I think some of the floors represent the seven deadly sins, the factory is sloth, the office is pride, floor 69 is lust, the kitchen is gluttony, the prison is envy, the elevator girl is wrath and the player is greed, gambling and trying to get all the endings to the game.


That`s really good interpretation of the game right here!

This was pretty hilarious! I enjoyed it the many different floors and themes revolving around them! 10/10 with the multiple endings!  

The game boots up windowed and  with a very low resolution, so it looks extremely blurry when I alt+enter it into fullscreen, any help?

I think this game is supposed to be in windowed mode so making it fullscreen just streches the graphics and because of all the glows it makes it blurry

ok I can accept having to run it windowed but  the window itself is as small as a game boy's screen.


I love this game. Manlybadass hero plays this in his video. Keep on trucking. I hope you succeed in any game you make. 

Keep this up and never give up.


I'm still wondering how to get the secret ending of dating the demon/elevator girl waifu.

does it have?

I don't think so, but I hope this game jam gets an extended version with an ending like the afore mentioned one.

I saw a YouTuber play some of this and decided to give it a look-see for myself. Pretty charming and interesting.

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When the first time I know this game, it was a Recommendation to me from a friend on Facebook, and after playing it. Mannn, how I wish this game could be more interactive with "Elevator Girl" like giving her a head pat, hug or simply holding her hand, like I don't know, Elevator Girl is simply way too CUTE!!  (⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄l and she really manage to capture my heart at first sight, or maybe it just me who feel lonely from this Quarantine being alone and wanting to be accompanied by Elevator Girl for much more longer...

> P.S: Her second form is cute too !!  ヾ(>ω<○)


can u and u friend be my friend too on facebook?, i dont have friends to talk about game like this :(

You can try to add me on Facebook with the same name, though my account is now Restricted for 11 more days, i usually share some sh*tpost (Mainly Doujin), and i don't really active with chatting so i usually reply in the comments only.


Listen everyone, there's a super extra secret 9th ending. You see, you have to discover a... golden coconut...

really?, do u have got it?

Thank you for the info Emperor : D

I started playing, but the window is too small for me to read the text. Anyway that I can make this run in fullscreen?




Ending 1: click the option "So, where are we going?" or  "we've been going for  a while...", then proceed to always click the option "are we there yet?"

Ending 2: when you're on floor -13 click the option "please hire me!"

Ending3: Playing the slot machine until the assistant says something. Then wait until you're on floor -23

Ending4: while the game just started, click on the number "4" elevator button 4 times.

Ending5: When the full course meal appears, select all the ones that contain NO animal products, then when she asks if you have any pets select the option "I do not own any pets". When she gives you the scenario with you, the old man and the dog on the stranded island, pick the option "I'd eat the apple". Finally, when she asks if you'd give your tongue to leave this elevator, select "No"

Ending6: Trade places with the entity on floor -445

Ending7: Pick various answers while she is questioning you before arriving at floor -250. then just wait it out till floor 666

Ending8: reach floor 0


Wait a minute. What do u mean various answers? I still keep getting sent to floor 0

ending 7 isnt working for me


Can someone tell me how i can get the 7th ending?


Can't believe Zan made a cameo in the office floor :pray:

I kind of just went for it and click the 4 button on the elevator when the game opened a bunch of times surprised it worked lol. best ending.


I cannot figure out the secret ending for the life of me! pls help!

click 444 on the elevator buttons

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This looks interesting, its not even a couple minutes and I think I already like this game and the background music.

Its a nice change of pace.

However.... I got ending 2 and I got turned into a mindless robot

If anyone can tell me how to get all endings that would be very helpful, I don't want to spend all my time figuring it out myself which I'm certain will take a while

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I got the recreated into baby. and she told me good luck being stinky baby, I was like bruh it was ending 8.

I got 333 in the slot machine and it still said I lost. It's almost like a theme of the game...

Same here, with the same numbers too. I guess she wasn't lying lol.

Floor -69?


That'd be the Lust floor


That's where Monster Girl Island resides. lol

I'm so excited😁

How in the world do I get ending 6, also elevator girl is mega cute keep up the good work!

Trade places with the scary paledude


How do I get 69?

And can this be on mobile?

I got 444, still lost though

How you did it?

It just happened. I thought when she says that it's made to lose its just that it will never match three but when you win you still lose. Poetic considering the theme.


it involves certain thing on the wall


Overall very interesting experience. So far, I'm missing two endings I think. I assume they are the floor -69 and floor -666. I have no idea how to trigger them yet.

I got endings 1,2,3,6 and 8. I'm pretty sure there's something with the food but I can't trigger it plus the secret ending that I don't know how to trigger either despite the hint.


Ending 5 is the kitchen. I chose the vegetarian diet, and "no pet", "eat the apple", "eat cat", "no". But I guess what really matters to get ending 5  is the last question. 


Damn, these Monster Girl Island updates are getting pretty philosophical

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